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Bluebook citation is the most commonly used legal citation system for law students in the US. It informs students how to cite all types of law documents. The Bluebook offers a uniform system of citation which is standardized for most law essays in college. It is important to note that many state courts and the U.S. Supreme Court have their own citation system in place, but most universities adhere to Bluebook citation systems.

The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation is a guide on how to reference every form of a legal document. From constitutions, regulations, law reviews, statutes, rules and tables, periodicals, depositions, interrogatories, etc. It has all the information you need on the correct law citation, but can be a time-consuming exercise when writing any type of law paper.

Our Bluebook law review citation generator can help with this difficulty. Once you have all the information you need, the free Bluebook citation generator can adapt this to the correct format needed for your paper. If you need to reference a case, for example, but you aren’t sure how; simply enter the information you have on the case into the Bluebook citation website, click the type of reference it is, and it will format the citation in the correct way. The Bluebook book citation generator covers all referencing needed to write a correct law bibliography. Our Bluebook case citation website is trusted and an ideal method to save time.

Examples on How to use Bluebook Citation

Basic case citation is an important element when putting together a law review paper. The following is a guide on how basic case citation should look:

  1. Case name

  2. Volume no.

  3. Reporter abbreviation

  4. 1st page of a case

  5. Pinpoint (Exact page of a case)

  6. Court

  7. Decision year

E.g. Am. Thermal v Melvin, Inc. (1) 30L.(2) 2d (3), 100 (4), 105 (5) (2d Cir. (6) 2003 (7))

*court example created for the purpose of the article. Am. abbreviation for America, Italics used for court documents, generally not for academic law writing.

This is just one example of how a reference should look, our free Bluebook citation generator covers all possible cases.

How the Bluebook Law Review Citation Generator Works?

The free Bluebook citation generator compiles the information you have and formats it to adhere to Bluebook citation standards. For example, if you need to cite a legal record, the Bluebook case citation generator takes the information you have on the legal record (name of the document, abbreviated according to Bluepages abbreviation table, page number where the fact you need is in the document, date of the document) and turns it into the correct format for your paper.

Features of the Bluebook Format Citation Generator

Our Bluebook citation machine is a tool that can take some of the pressure off when writing a law paper and lets students concentrate on pulling together their research. Which means taking the time out of writing lengthy reference lists. Our generator website allows you to focus on law reviews and legal technicalities and not have to worry about complying with long complicated citation notes at the end.

If you think that you might need more help with a law essay, our writing service offers online support and advice from academics to help you achieve the marks you want and write an excellent college paper.

Use the Bluebook Legal Citation Generator For Free

Citing is a key part of creating a good law paper. Our Bluebook generator is free and easy to use. Once you have the information, we can quickly and easily format it to make sure your law paper is of the standard required for good marks and a successful law degree.

If you need help with other elements of your degree, or if you don’t have time to fully research and pull together everything you need, our law writing service hires law academics to help you draft grade A legal papers. We are here to help, always!

Need another citation?

If your degree is all-encompassing, which let’s face it a lot are, and you are still waiting to specialize, then we have lots of citation services to use.

Our American Political Science Association citation generator (APSA) pulls together all political science references and information you need and formats it in the correct style for your paper. It’s quick and easy, like all our citation services. Its goal is to minimize your stress when it comes to your college work.

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