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Benefits of Papersowl’s AMA Citation Generator

AMA (American Medical Association) citation style is used around the world and has several varieties for different publications, colleges, and universities. Where is it used? This style was created to point medical sources and research of scientists and doctors in new written papers. Nowadays medicine is developing rapidly, but all new research is based, in one way or another, on the old ones. It is very important to follow the citation rules of academic writing. Quotations and references which are used in the text should also be collected in the list at the end of the paper and that is when our AMA citation generator is your best helper.

AMA style uses superscripted Arabic numerals. The peculiarity of the AMA style is that in the text you should mention only numbers (1, then 2, etc.) in chronological, and already in the bibliography, the names of all sources and their writers are shown under the numbers. This was created with the idea not to distract the reader from the main part of the scientific information that is given in the text. Why? Since medicine is a very serious industry, reading the work should take a lot of attention to the issue that is being considered.

Automatic AMA citation generator in just a few seconds will create a properly constructed list of references for your essay. How does it work? All you need to do is to follow AMA website citation generator and fill out the form with the correct information about the sources you used. With its help, you won’t have to worry about the originality of your documents anymore because with correct in-text citations your paper will contain no plagiarism. Thus, you will get a warranty of success.

To fill the form of online AMA citation generator takes a couple of minutes, but on the contrary, it saves you amount of time, which you can spend to write your scientific work or to check it more thoroughly. Below is a step-by-step guide.

  1. Choose the type of source you used (books, edited books, articles, websites, chapters, etc.)
  2. Fill in the form – author name, title name, location, publisher name, dates, URL (for web sources), volume and pages (for a journal), etc.
  3. Paste the citation you used in the folder and press the button “Generate Citation”.
  4. All that’s left is to wait a couple of seconds until your citation appears. AMA format citation generator will create a ready reference which you can copy by clicking on the button.

Advantages of PapersOwl Tools

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Create Your Bibliography With Online AMA Citation Generator

Save your time and use generator tool for your writing work. Who would need it? You are a university student or already graduated, a teacher or a practicing doctor, it is not important at all. If you occupy medicine, your time is priceless. You do not need to spend it on making a list of references for your scientific work and our free AMA citation generator was created precisely in order to identify your time and energy. You certainly need it for more important things.

How To Cite In AMA Format?

  • Create your list of references made with AMA reference citation generator on a fresh page at the end of your research work. The header of the page should called “References”.
  • References should appear after numbers and correspond chronologically according to the text ones.
  • The order, the type and the format of the information that you are used in a listed reference mentioned depending on the type of source that you borrowed from.
  • You should never insert a comma between the last name and the first name of the author, director or editor. This is something to always keep in mind.

Examples of how to write AMA format


One Author

AA; Title of Work; Location: Publisher; Year: Page-Page

Two to Five Authors

AA, BB; Title of Work; Location: Publisher; Year: Page-Page

Chapter in book

Chapter Author AA; Title of chapter; In: Editor AA, ed; Title of Work;  Location: Publisher; Year: Page-Page

Electronic Book

Author AA; Title of Work; Location: Publisher; Year: Page-Page; URL. Accessed date


One to Five Authors

AA, BB, CC; Title of article; Abbreviated Journal Title; Year; Volume(Issue): Page-Page

Seven or More Authors

AA, BB, CC, et al; Title of article; Abbreviated Journal Title; Year; Volume (Issue): Page-Page

Electronic Journal Article

Author AA; Title of article; Abbreviated Journal Title; Year; Volume(Issue): Page-Page; URL; Published or Last updated date; Accessed date

Newspaper or Magazine Article

Author AA; Title of article; Title of Magazine or Newspaper; Month Day, Year: Page-Page


Course Lecture

Professor AA; Title of Lecture; [class lecture or class lecture notes]; Location: Institution; Date

Online Report

Author AA; Title of Report; URL; Published/Updated/Revised date; Accessed date


Webpage: Author

Author AA; Web page title; Name of Website; URL; Published or Updated date; Accessed date

Webpage: Organization

Webpage title; Name of Website or Organization; URL; Published or Updated date; Accessed date

AMA citation generator free online will do this hard work for you – our website has a convenient AMA style citation generator tool, so you can use it for free every time you need to create a reference list.

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