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Meet Our MLA 8 Citation Tool

Are you planning to write a research paper? You've come to the right place if your task requires using a Modern Language Association (MLA). Today, many tools on the internet can help produce more than 50 citations, avoid plagiarism, and a guide on how you can plan your work and save time. Don't forget to create and use the tabulation key.

This guide will discuss how the MLA 8th citation generator can help you arrange your text’s paragraphs, title page, quotations, margins, numbers, cite a source, abbreviations, tables, etc. The MLA cite generator chooses information from an online database. You will also find a list of tips for using the MLA 8 works cited generator. Some of the advantages of using an MLA citation generator include:

  • Correct formatting, editing, and MLA in-text citations
  • Free title, revision, and MLA works cited bibliography
  • Affordable prices

MLA 8th Edition Overview

The format 8th edition is utilized research and academic writing came into the market in 2016 until the latest edition MLA 9 Format. It has become a crucial milestone in using sources because it has solved problems with modern resources such as social media creator rules or podcasts. The eight-edition MLA citing also offered more details regarding the arrangement of sources and listed strict principles of piracy and in-text citation avoidance.

The MLA handbook 8 is the foundation for the citation style being used currently.

Tips to Use the Citation Generator

There are several things that users can do to get the most from a citation machine. We’ve discussed them below:

  • Decide the citation style: Students should review the professor’s guidelines to select the proper reference style. If you can’t find the instructions, check the official university website. Some schools might want you to cite assignments in other ways like APA or Chicago.
  • Countercheck your sources: Each MLA citation website, book, article, or other authority has different rules. It is also possible to build or edit MLA citations manually if you can’t locate an authority. Citing manually can however be daunting, and the user is prone to errors.
  • Confirm the citation fields: Most reference software uses internet databases to fill in all required fields automatically. It’s essential to ensure that the data is compatible with the origin and make edits immediately.
  • Generate the citation: After confirming your style, filling fields, and checking the stating point, tap the final button to get your citation. Remember to compose and download your reference area for the task.

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Basic Rules for MLA 8th Edition

Several basic rules have been formulated in the arrangement. We’ve curated them below:

  • It recommends that writers type their copy and get printed and digital formats in the standard white8.5 x 11 inches sheet.
  • Most need to be double-spaced.
  • It recommends Arial font or Times New Roman 12.
  • Unless your tutors say otherwise, writers should leave one space after punctuation marks or periods.
  • Ensure that the MLA format margins to one inch on all sides.
  • Your first-line paragraph should contain a 1.5-inch indent from the left margins.
  • Form MLA headers with the number of entire pages in the upper right corner.
  • It uses italics for titles that are longer than expected, or you need to emphasize the thesis statement. Footnotes and endnotes appear on a different page before the cited content area.
  • The notes section should be centered.
  • You don’t need a title sheet unless instructions require you to.
  • The piece’s title should come after the MLA header and be centered.

MLA 8th Structure Format and Example

Following these standard rules, most university and college students can easily transition smoothly to the MLA9 setup. An MLA 8 citation generator can ensure everything is convenient. Below are the standard structure template and design that writers can follow:

Author’s last name, first name. “Book Title, Article or Individual part of a certain page.” The website name, name of a publisher, publication date written in Day Month Year presentation, URL, if any.

You should include the number and volume of the Journal publications in this version. It is not necessary for the city where the item was published to be included.

David, Craig. “Partnership with Players (UK) – Web Technician”. Technician, 2022,

Final thoughts

Because there are over ten different sources and articles from different backgrounds, it will always require accuracy and time. Note that even the smartest of people often experience issues that can be very confusing. Using a citation machine can be a solution. It helps users avoid copy and pasting because the tool can solve each issue they encounter. You will not pay anything, and the sources are numerous. Note that there are other citing devices that operate differently from each other.

People can use the mechanism automatically by providing ISBN, DOI, and book titles to get all the formatted data they want. It also enables users to cite manually by entering all their data. People don’t need to sign up at the websites because it doesn’t have any limitations.

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