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Free ACS Citation Generator

If you want to complete ACS citation in an easy manner, we can recommend a free online generator that does the job well and within seconds. The tool is impressive and allows you to create ACS citation style citations instantly and error-free. You can use it at any given moment and as long as you like. The ACS citation maker is developed by professionals for all students and writers. Hence, you will want to use it if you need to write something essential. Below you can see a complete ACS guide where we will explain all the details and help you understand ACS citations perfectly. This is something you need to know if you are planning on using this method. Then you can use a reference generator and move to the next step as soon as possible.

What is the ACS citation style?

ACS is an abbreviation for American Chemical Society. In-text references can be made in numerous ways, including with a number in parentheses, a superscript number, the year of publication, the author’s name, and parenthesis. Despite its chemistry concentration, the ACS style is adaptable to engineering, science, and medical fields. Journal names are abbreviated according to ACS style. Chemical Abstracts Service Source Index dictates that names be shortened.

According to ACS, in-text citations can be formed in three ways.

  • Using superscript numerals, which appear outside of the punctuation if the quote pertains to a whole phrase or clause
  • By italic numerals in parenthesis on the text line and within the punctuation
  • Within the punctuation, the author’s name and year of publication. It is also known as an author-date.

The author’s name may be included in the phrase in all three methods. In this scenario, you should include just the year in parenthesis in the author-date system. Start with 1 and follow with consecutive numbers throughout the article, including references and other non-text components. A reference is not assigned a new number if it is mentioned more than once.

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Tips to Use the Citation Generator

Before you start with ACS citation generator, you should know a couple of things. The first one is that the software is easy to use, and it can generate any format you like. All styles are available, and you can proceed with the reference section. Yes, you can use it for the American chemical society as well. But we would like to mention a few tips just so we can help you even more and keep the process accurate and safe.

  1. Choose appropriate option
    As we have mentioned, the software supports all the differences you can imagine. But you can choose the one that you need. Once you have cited you will see the difference. You can cite numerous times then. The references will always be accurate, and the referencing process will be automatic. ACS is one of these as well. All guides will tell you the same thing just because it is essential. Your college or school will determine which option you need to choose, and then you can use a generator.
  2. Pay attention to the fields
    The citation machine works well, but you still have to check for any mistakes or errors just to be safe. It is important for all in-text citations, and it does work well. Once you are certain that all the fields are properly filled, you can proceed. This is an ACS citation generator as well, so keep in mind that there are differences between referencing and the references you will have to use. These citations are different. You may need an ACS style guide for ACS citations.
  3. Check the source
    The last thing you will have to do is to check the sources used, and you can proceed. Then just add the text to your work, and you have used citation properly. This is also needed if you use ACS citation generator for ACS citation style and for reference. Your references will have a huge role in the end result.

Popular ACS Style Citation Examples

In order to understand more about bibliography, citation generators, and how one creates citations related to journal articles or something else, you need to check these examples. They are based on common knowledge, and they work well. Citations check will be performed by your teacher, so you need to do it properly. Below are details about the whole process, reference list, and multiple authors. These are the same as with ACS or another cite method. ACS citation style is not completely different.

Citing a Book in ACS style

In most cases, you will have to use the citation generator for a book. You still need to know about when using multiple authors and about reference list. ACS citation is actually simple. Below you can see the template and an example.

Template: Creator’s Surname, Initials. Title; Publisher: City, Time released; p. Pages Used.


Smith, AS, When the carbon acts: New York, 2020; 10

Citing a Journal in ACS style

Just for reference, you can use ACS citation generator for the ACS citation style when a journal is in question. Below you can see the details that will help you with the online tool and stop wasting time.

Template: Creator’s Surname, Author Initial. Publication Title Time-released, Volume value, Pages Used.


Smith, AS, When the carbon acts: New York, 2020; 128; 10

Citing Film or Movie in ACS style

In some cases, your reference list will have to include a movie. The common knowledge suggests that ACS citations have all the information you may need, and you can easily present your sources and create an amazing project. This is not the same as when you cite books in ACS so you need to know a few differences.

Template: Title; Publisher: City, Time released.


Avengers; Marvel, Los Angeles, 2020

Citing a Web image or video in ACS style

On our list, we can see the example where you will cite an image or even a video that is present on the web. You can do this easily. Here is the part on the list you will need to add to your source and use ACS style properly.

Template: Creator’s Surname, Author Initial. Title; Time Released.


Smith, AS, When the carbon acts: 2020

Citing a Website in ACS style

It is more and more common to use the process for this purpose. You will have to cite sources properly, and a publisher is not common here.

Template: Creator’s Surname, Author Initial. Title http://Website URL (accessed Oct 10, 2013).


Smith, AS; Carbon site (accessed November 10, 2022)

Additional ACS Examples

We have even more examples to share with you that should help you with all of this and should transform how you work. Let’s start with these. They are not very common but mandatory in specific cases. When you need help, you know where to look it now.

Citing an E-book or PDF in ACS style

It is not a rare option and the one you will probably want to know all about.

Template: Creator’s Surname, Author Initial. Title; Publisher: City, Time Released; p. Pages Used.


Smith, AS, When the carbon acts: Digital media; New York, 2020; 10

Citing a Magazine in ACS style

Yes, you can do this as well. The process is a bit similar, so you won’t have any problems.

Template: Creator’s Surname, Initial. Publication Title. Time-Released, p. Pages Used.


Smith, AS, When the carbon acts: 2020; 10

Citing a Newspaper in ACS style

It is a bit more common than others so we would like to include it right here as well.

Template: Creator’s Surname, Author Initial. Title. Publication Title, Time Released, Pages Used.


Smith, AS, When the carbon acts: Details about chemicals; 2020; 10

Citing an Encyclopedia article in ACS style

As you may know already, this is not common but it is something you need to know all about. Below we will see the specifics.

Template: Creator’s Surname, Creator’s Initial. Title. Publication Title, Time Released, Pages Used.


Smith, AS, When the carbon acts: Details about chemicals; 2020; 10

Citing a Podcast in ACS style

The process here is a bit specific and you will understand why once you know more about how it is done.

Template: Creator’s Surname, Creator’s Initial. Title http://Website URL (accessed Oct 10, 2013).


Smith, AS, When the carbon acts: (accessed October 17, 2022)

Benefits of Using PapersOwl’s ACS Citation Software

Here we can see some benefits all students will like and want to get as soon as possible. If you are one of them, you will need to know as much as possible. Keep in mind that there are no downsides, so all of this is an impressive option you have at your disposal 24/7.

  1. You won’t have to pay for anything. You can use it as many times as you like, and that’s it. We are glad to help you and transform the whole process into something easier and simpler.
  2. The software is updated on a daily basis. We get feedback from our users, and we will implement it as soon as we can. This makes the software more capable and better, the lack of a better word.
  3. It is easy to use. There is no need to invest a lot of time into learning basics, specifics, and more. On average, a student will need 5 minutes to complete the whole process.

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