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Free NLM Citation Software

The source list is mandatory to use these days. Luckily you can use the NLM citation generator online to get the job done in no time and complete your task with much better accuracy and error-free. The NLM reference generator is easy to use and can be used by all students and all writers. We can only add that you can use it for any purpose you want. The citation machine will give you the best citations that are accurate and worthy of your project. Let's reveal all the specifics below.

What is NLM Style?

NLM is actually an acronym, and it refers to the National Library of Medicine. As you can assume, this style of citation will be used in medical papers and journals. It is specifically designed for this purpose. Some claim that the Vancouver style is the same. This is a more broad term, and it is a more generic style so keep that in mind. You can see NLM in government publications these days.

The library of medicine citation is relatively easy to understand and designed to be used quickly but still to provide all the details and specifics readers need. The tool here allows you to create citations in seconds. You can use this as AMA citation generator and also APA citation generator. We must add that the NLM citation style is commonly used among medical students across the world.

What are the specifics of NLM Style?

There are three main things you need to know here. Each one is related to reference and bibliography. But, each citation is different in NLM. We can see the NLM citation sequence, which is the most common and also known as Vancouver style. You will have a number that will match the citation to the reference on the last page. The sequence is long and contains the name of the author, the name of the book, when it was published, page number, and more.

We can also see NLM citation-name style and NLM name-year. These work similarly, but they don’t require you to use a whole sequence as in the first ace. Also, these two are much rarer, and you are less likely to have to use one. In some cases, the citation style you have to use and the details about the reference list will be provided by the teacher. These are commonly used in press release work, and they are easy to implement. All we can add is that you need to understand NLM citation as soon as possible.

Tips to Use the Software

There are a few things you can use as tips in order to make the whole process easier and better. Your citation must be perfect, or you will end up with copied text, and you don’t want that. This applies to all styles, even MLA and in-text citations. Anyway, here are a few tips that can help you with the tool.

  • Choose the style you need
    In some cases, you will have to use the style provided by your school or the teacher. It can be different from some others. If this is NLM format, you will select it and use it for your citation. Citing must be done carefully and with a lot of details and information.
  • Check and recheck
    You will also want to check your citing and be positive it was done perfectly. This is done by checking the fields once the tool is done. The reference page is important for the whole essay, so you may want to check the link to the citation as well. Use the proper format.
  • Start and complete
    Now you will have to start the tool, and you will have to know about the goal of the written project. Once you have completed this step, add it to your paper, and you are done. Try to use more in-text methods. It is much easier and a format we all like.

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Popular NLM style Citation Examples

There are a lot of projects where you can see the specifics. The reference is a mandatory element to know here. It has room in each and every article, and it can create a difference. All articles need proper style and must be completed perfectly. When using NLM, you will want to use it properly in every single scenario. That’s why we have selected a few cases where you can see the specifics and publish a paper that will give credit to the creator in the first place. You have to reveal the source and provide the date, part of the main project, and more.

How to cite a Book in NLM style

You will need to add the sentence on the last page. You can use this option for any book you like, and it is relatively simple. Below you can see the template and the example.

Template: 1. Artist Surname and then Artist Initial. Title. Location: When it was released; Year of release. Pages Used.


1.Smith, AS, Breaking down DNA, New York, 2016 November 18, 20

How to cite a Journal in NLM style

Yes, you can use this option for journal content. Below you have the template and the example of how it is done.

Template: 1. Creator Surname and initials. Title. The Title. When it was released;Issue number: Pages Used. Available from website


1 Wilson, AW. The goal of bacteria 2016 November 18;165;2900.

How to cite Film or Movie in NLM style

The in-text method here works for movies as well. It is a bit different approach, as you can assume, but it does work well, and you can use it all the time.

Template: Title. City: Movie company; Year of release.


Avatar 2: Dreamworks;2022

How to cite a Web image or video in NLM style

You can use the same or at least a similar process for giving credit to videos and images from the web. Here are the templates and examples.

Template: Author Surname and then Author Initial. Title [Internet]. Year made. Available at: URL


Williams, OW, Internet, 2016 November 18: at: URL:

How to Cite a Website in NLM style

The last thing here is to teach you how to use this approach for a website which is actually very common these days.

Template: Author Surname and Author Initial. Title [Internet]. Year Published [cited 2013 Oct 10]. Available from: Website URL


Mills, AM, Web, 2016 November 18, URL:

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