Scholarship for Adopted Children and Foster Youth by PapersOwl

Get $500 award for college life needs

PapersOwl Scholarship Description

The PapersOwl Scholarship is a special program established to support those children and youth who were adopted and are in foster care. We are willing to provide an opportunity for youngsters who are striving for the enlightenment of education. We understand that $500 is not much, but we hope it will help our winners along their educational journey.

Criteria to Successful Application

There are certain requirements which our applicants should fit. The criteria include:

  • Family status requirements: student must have been adopted in the US or completed six consecutive months in public or private foster care by the time reaching an age of 18 or by the high school graduation
  • Age: a student has to be 25 or fewer years old by the date of May 1 st, 2020
  • Citizenship: student can possess any citizenship
  • Number of Awards: varies depending on the quality of an admission essay
  • Enrollment requirements: the applicant should be accepted or currently studying in an educational institution

Application Enrolment Period

  • Deadline for sending the scholarship application.

  • The winners of the award will be picked.

  • The funds will be distributed by this date.

How to Apply for PapersOwl Scholarship

All of our applicants are required to produce a writing on one of the following topics:

  • Privacy. How to Maintain in the Digital Age
  • Modern Technology. Is it Beneficial to our Society?
  • Education is the key

The length of your essay should be between 800 and 1000 words in APA format. Your essay has to be free of plagiarism. We highly recommend using a free plagiarism checker before submission.

The essay should be sent to us directly. Students must answer the question in this form, which will include details about family and university or college. A link to the essay should be inserted into the form for access. Our team expects to receive all the submissions by the May 1 st, 2020.

Terms and Conditions

The awarded funds can only be spent on tuition fees, residence, study material, and other essentials the applicant may need during his or her educational journey.

Please, do your best on the first try, since we accept only one application per student a year.

Contact Us

Please, contact us directly for any queries regarding the scholarship program. You can receive an application form by reaching us through: [email protected].