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How to Ask Your Professor for an Extension on Assignment

Written by Kristian Eide
Posted: September 14, 2022
Last update date: March 22, 2024
5 min read

Homework — this word raises so many emotions in students — we feel the thrill of not meeting a deadline, we remember the voice of our professor, and we anticipate how boring it will be to spend a day off doing a task. Yet, homework is an integral part of school and college life, and we inevitably have to cope with it. Generally, it would be perfect if we could finish all our matters on time and turn to our academic work before it’s too late. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and sometimes we need to explore different approaches with our professors and request them to prolong the due time. But when and how to ask for an extension on an assignment? Let’s get a closer look at PapersOwl’s advice.

Reasons to Ask for an Extension on an Assignment

The reasons for deadline prolongation vary greatly. Personal reasons include illness, mental health issues, tragic events, happy family events, maternity, or academic difficulty. The further substantial reasons comprise financial issues, miscommunication, travel, moving house, unavailable resources, schedule clash, or force majeure. These are the excuses that are popular and generally accepted by teachers.

How To Ask For An Extension Properly?

Always remember you should have a good reason behind it if you want to ask your professor for an extension. If you are persuasive, your professor will eagerly renew your due date and give you a chance to submit your paper later. Unfortunately, not everyone can be persuasive enough. Also, not everyone has a connection with the professor. But there’s always a solution — you can ask for professional help with assignment writing and get your work done in due time. This is especially helpful as your essay, research, or whatever you need will be written by professional writers and guaranteed within the timing budget. Though, you may wish to accept the challenge of asking for an extension. Don’t act blindly. First, learn professional advice on finishing homework faster before getting to the task. This will be your lifesaver, especially when the professor agrees to a shorter term than you asked. Assure your professor that you’d do your best to finish on time and with excellency. Even if you’re not confident of that, this is the right approach. Ask for the shortest possible shift and justify your need for a longer term. Analyze the assignment writing guide before you actually start. Understanding the algorithm will definitely award you with confidence. Asking for an extension of the deadline in person will most likely have greater success. Professors tend to empathize with you more in this case. And don’t forget to show your commitment to your studies. The other way, which may be more comfortable for many, is emailing. Find out how to write a valid and appropriate email about a late assignment and follow the guidelines from the experts. Explore the most effective patterns used in this delicate matter, and be sure you’ll keep the student—instructor balance.

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How Not To Ask For An Extension?

What should you avoid in case you need to request a delay? First, timing. Don’t wait until the last minute. Try to warn your professor you won’t be able to complete the task on time as soon as you realize it. Asking about an essential prolongation is also a bad idea. Also, mind your attitude, both via email and in person. Don’t act rude, demanding, or impatient, as this can spoil your relations with the professor. Don’t offer excuses; suggest a solution instead — this will demonstrate to your instructor you are interested in the class.

Examples of Request For An Extension

If you are wondering how to ask for an extension on an assignment, be upfront but not pushy in your appeal. The following phrases are helpful here:

  • “I would like to ask if it might be possible to delay my deadline on the task until …”
  • “Unfortunately, I am behind with the completion of this task because …”
  • “I would really appreciate an extension, as …”
  • “I would need some more time to devote towards my homework because …”
  • “Since … cannot be rescheduled or deferred, I’m requesting that you extend my execution period till …”

Well, sometimes you may find you need even more effort and date range than you asked for. Good that top assignment writing service is your friend in need in such desperate situations. Making an order here guarantees that a task is performed in compliance with all necessary requirements and quality standards in a timely manner.

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Feeling Stressed After Being Denied An Extension

Teachers may deny delaying your task completion period for a number of reasons. Though you are rarely the cause for denial, you may feel embarrassed or guilty. Not the best emotions, we must admit, especially if you have to focus on the task. Try methods to relieve your anxiety if you feel you cannot handle your academic load because of stress. They are called to make you calm and, therefore, more concentrated. But what if you see you won’t cope anyway? There are situations when you clearly realize you need external assistance before you collapse. You should definitely get help with writing assignment and save your nerves. After contacting our professional service, you will have the task completed within the given framework. Our experts write not only excellent papers complying with all quality standards, but they also do it fully confidential and plagiarism free!


When you think about how to ask for an extension on an assignment, try to determine the primary cause for the postponement request. It shall be convincing: explain why you can’t do your work on time and ask to shift the deadline. In general, follow the simple steps:

  1. Ask for submission as early as possible.
  2. Determine the method for requesting a postponement.
  3. If you’re emailing, make sure the letter reaches the addressee.
  4. Specify a credible reason.
  5. Offer the shortest feasible due term.
  6. Provide affirmations and warranties.
  7. Be polite and diplomatic with the professor, not demanding.
  8. Show your appreciation for satisfying your requests.
  9. Meet the deadline.
  10. Don’t make asking for extensions a rule.
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