Work Process and AlienationThe Marx

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The analysis says that human beings get alienated from their work and as everything they do come to haunt them.

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The theory asserts that people get divided with the institutions they build that only become too powerful for them to control and instead fight against them. The theory discusses the development process that human beings have performed throughout the history of humanity. The people have tried to achieve economic development through their various economic activities. However, Marx argues that as people struggle to achieve economic success, they only get alienated from them and the institutions they build come back to haunt them. It says that the society also divides people from one another. Hence, the continued fight between different classes in the society. He claims that only spiritual work remains an internal achievement of human beings. The spiritual progress is always internal and cannot get alienated from the people.

Features of the Hegemonic Ideology and False Consciousness

The Hegemonic ideology claims that the ideas of the ruling class are the final and that there is no conflict between different classes. There have been various social and economic classes throughout the history of humanity such as the monarchy and the subjects, the bourgeoisie and the proletariat among other categories. Among the different classes, one is always the ruling while the other is the subject. The false consciousness on the other side claims that the idea of the ruling class that their ideas will rule the other class always does not count as the lower class always come to fight those in power. For example, the monarchy fell to the communism. The idea also discusses the fight between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. The people who own the companies may think that they will rule forever and remain bosses. However, the class of workers will have to fight them to end the ownership of property by the few individuals. Thus, Marx says that they hegemonic ideology gives the ruling class a false idea that they will remain in power while the institution that they build comprising of the employees come to fight and overpower them. It confirms that the systems that humankind builds only come to fight them although they expect such institutions to help them achieve their economic goals.

A feature of the Alternative Ideology and the Class

alternative ideology, on the other hand, claims that despite the fighting between classes, the ruling class of the society always remains above the class they rule. The theory argues that the ruling class is always conscious of the lower classes and will always develop ideas that help them stay in power. It suggests that the ruling class is the one that has every power at its disposal. For example, the bourgeoisie is the one that has the means of production, and there is no time the workers will dethrone them from owning the properties. The theory argues that there could be no fighting for power if the beliefs of the ruling class were false. The people of lower classes always try to dethrone those of the higher class, but they never achieve their mission due to the class-conscious of the rulers. Therefore, the fighting will continue and remain between the classes. The theory explains the continued struggles among different classes in the society that has existed throughout the history of humankind.

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