Who was Andrew Jackson?

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Mister Andrew Jackson he has been the 7th President of the United States and unfortunately he has lost his battle to Tuberculosis. He was born on the 15th of March of 1767 in the state of North Carolina. Mister Jackson participated in the War of Independence, in which he was taken as a prisoner in 1781. While serving in the military he earned a general position that helped win the war against the British. Moreover, he studied law at Salisbury, North Carolina and was admitted to take the bar exam in the year of 1787. While Living in Nashville, Jackson soon became a distinguished lawyer. When Tennessee became the sixteenth state of the Union, Jackson was elected to its only seat in Congress.

The following year he became judge of the Superior Court of Tennessee. He was known for his determination to fight for what he believed was fair and he was of a strong personality. Mister Jackson became president in 1828 and while in office he used his powers as a president to develop an opposition party that was soon known as the “”Age of Jackson” also known as the democrats. He destroyed the second Bank of the United States because he believed it was built of corruption and that it was an institution that manipulated money that affected the economy. Mister Jackson also believed in people having their own liberties no matter what social class they belonged to as he was not a fan of the rich. He was a people’s person as he believed the any citizen should be part of the inauguration ball of the White House.

Although, he fought for certain rights for the common man against corruption he also became a controversy when he signed the Indian Removal Act which would give him the power to make treaties with the tribes. This treaty unfortunately displaced many Indians from their territories of land they had made a home. He also refused to enforce the decision by the Supreme Court of the state of Georgia violating the federal treaty that would give the Cherokee tribe back their land.

After signing these treaties many people lost respect for him but what many did not know is that he eventually adopted two Native American Boys. Despite of those who were not fans of Jackson he was reelected president for a second term. Finally, mister Jackson helped destroy certain excessive state rights wish led to having a contrary doctrine, and he also helped destroy the great bank. Mister Jackson died in his residence, in Nashville Tennessee on June eighth of 1845.”

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