Who Needs a Civil Rights Like the Men

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Should civil rights be given to African Americans, women, and people who are in the LGBT community? Well, here are some yeses and a no on why civil rights should be given to African Americans, woman, and people who are in the LGBT community. The first reason why people who are African American, woman, and from the LGBT community because they should have the same rights as a man. The second reason why civil rights should be given to African American, woman, and the LGBT because not a lot of African American, women, and LGBT have the same paid money or working in STEM like man are. The reason civil rights should not be given to African American, woman, and the LGBT community because people think they are stupid, and they should not have the same rights similar to men. There are many civil rights movements that happened over the years like Martin Luther King’s Jr. I have a dream speech, and the Woman Civil Rights Movement of 1929. Even today, there are still civil rights issues, including the Black Lives Matter Movement, the women from the Middle East like Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia and women getting less paid than males. In addition, there is the LGBT community fighting for their rights in Russia and in the Middle East. Even in songs like Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” which talks about world peace and has pictures, in the video, of the Civil Rights movement of 1964 and Martin Luther King Jr. Before August 26, 1920, most women in the United States had few rights such as not voting for their president and working jobs. Before slavery ended on December 1865, African Americans were treated as slaves and were treated badly. During 1877, the Jim Crow laws are passed which has caused segregation around the world until the Civil Rights Act in 1964. After the “I have a dream” speech, my elementary school, and middle school in Garfield have let us write our I have dream speech for Martin Luther King Jr. day and watch specials/documentaries about Martin Luther King Jr. If segregation did not happen then, there would be no separation between the white and blacks, no offensive images of black people in shows/movies such as Looney Tunes, Dumbo (the racist crows), Song of the South, etc., no saying the word Negro (for black people) or nigger (which is still being said today) and the only sad things are no Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks.

The first reason why civil rights should be given to African American, woman, and the LGBT community because they should have the capability as man do. Before any people who hates woman, African American and the LGBT community having the same rights as man, hear me out. Here are questions you should be asking yourself, do they help other people, kill other people, have jobs, been sent jail because of their rights, etc. and all these answers are yes, so cut the bullcrap out people who disagree with woman, African American, and the LGBT community. In the early days of earth, only men were treated the same around the world not woman and mostly the male were having the son the favorite child, not the daughter. In Ancient Greece, Greek man worships both the gods and goddess, then why the hell don’t women get the same respect as goddess does with both men and women. Even African American has a few rights because of slavery, and the Jim Crow laws that caused segregation until 1964. The Jim Crow laws caused “separate schools for black students, prevented the descendants of slaves from voting in elections by placing severe restrictions on voter registration or required the payment of poll taxes, and banned interracial marriage. Railroad cars, public restrooms, and even drinking fountains were labeled “Colored” or “White”” (“Civil Rights”). 

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There are some famous people who are African American/ Woman that changed the world forever such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. There are some people who might not recognize who are African American/Woman/LGBT such as Elizabeth Jennings and Rosalind Franklin. Most people might know Martin Luther King Jr. as a civil rights activist, said: “I have a dream” and wrote books about stopping the violence against African American. Rosa Parks is an African American woman who refused to give up her seat to a white person. The less known African American woman that I choose for the Final Paper is Elizabeth Jennings, who also refused to not wait for another train because they had white people on the train and won the case. I have a question for those who are majoring in science, who studied and discovered the DNA? You might say Francis Crick, James Watson and Maurice Wilkins well, you are almost right, but there was another person who is a female named Rosalind Franklin. In Jane J. Lee’s article, Rosalind Franklin was working on the DNA project with Maurice Wilkins until James Watson and Francis Crick talked with Maurice Wilkins about the DNA and showed photo 51 which is Rosalind Franklin work which was never credited to her. You know what, screw the male scientists in the 1900s who never give credit to Rosalind Franklin, who had been working her butt off as much as Francis Crick, James Watson, and Maurice Wilkins. 

There are some others who are woman/African American/LGBT may not recognize but cannot remember their names and they were mentioned in the travel channel network Mysteries at the Museum were a woman disguised as a man, an African American changed name to get a job, a LGBT writer in the 1800s and a LGBT governor in California. In the old days of animation, black people were treated so differently in shows/movies like Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Dumbo and Song of the South that it is still considered racist today. Over time, we are seeing some great African American, Women and LGBT people in real life and cartoons/anime. Some examples in real life are the three African American from Hidden Figures who are working with NASA to help American get through the cold war, Sally Ride is the first lady to be in space, Neil Degrasse Tyson who, is an African American who has a science show for students in schools, Rebecca Sugar who is the female creator of Steven Universe and the first female to create a show and Project Runway’s season 4 winner Christian Siriano is a gay fashioner who competed in Project Runway. There are also some great fictional characters who are African American, woman, and from LGBT community which are Miles Morales, who is an African American Spiderman in another universe and sometimes he is with Peter Parker, T’Challa aka black panther who is also an African American hero, Luke Cage, Falcon, Clyde’s parents from the Loud House, Ghostbusters 2016 protagonists, Sailor Moon’s protagonists, a mixed race female in Berserk and My Hero Academia female protagonists. There is one show called Good Luck Charlie that had to cancel in 2014 because there was a lesbian couple in the show. You know what all these Women/African American/LGBT have in common with man is that they are hardworking people and sometimes a male white man need a break sometimes.

The second reason why civil rights should be given to African American, Woman and LGBT people because they don’t get the same paid money and not a lot of people who are African American, Woman and from the LGBT working in STEM as man do. In the modern day, we have to get jobs to pay for our house, food, clothes, and water, but African American, Woman, and lesbians do not get the same paid money as men do. Men and woman usually either have a large, or a small gap in paid jobs. In Title IX, “woman earns 21 cents less than men. When women are working in the STEM job, they earn 14 cents less than man” (Title IX, 2012). There is less woman in the STEM workforce than man. The why woman do not want to in the STEM workforce because they are not interested, but there are programs that could women get interested in the STEM workforce. In some states such as “California, Hawaii, New York, Vermont, and Florida have a small gender pay gap” (Sonam Sheth, et al.). In “Utah, North Dakota, Montana, Oklahoma, Louisiana, West Virginia, Mississippi, Indiana and Alabama have a large gender gap” (Sonam Sheth, et al., 2018). White woman usually make “$45,700 earnings per year” (Sonam Sheth, et al., 2018) and Black woman usually make “$36,200 earnings per year” (Sonam Sheth, et al.) while white men make “$57,900 earnings per year” (Sonam Sheth, et al.). A white woman makes $12,200 less than white men and black woman makes $21,700 less than white men. Even women with or without children have bad weekly earnings.

A woman without children make “$746 weekly while a woman with children has a $756 weekly” (Sonam Sheth, et al.) which has a $10 gap between woman without children and without children. A man without children have a “$861 weekly while a man with children has a $1013 weekly” (Sonam Sheth, et al.) which has a $152 gap between man without children and with children. In, when woman age, their earnings are lower than men earnings when they age. The lowest age gender pay gap are 16-24 and 25-34 but, when you get up to 35-65+, men have much larger paid money than the woman. Overall, Women who are African American and Lesbians should be paid the same as Man and the government should open more opportunities if a woman wants to be interested in the STEM workforce.

The reason African American, Women, and LGBT community because people think they are stupid, and they should not have the same rights similar to man. There are some YouTubers such as Storybooth, Actually Happened and Minute Videos that actually talked about the struggles of woman and parents accepting that their kids are gay. In one of Storybooth videos, “I Don’t Like My Parents Because They Don’t Accept Who I am’, a boy named Buddy and his sisters had trouble with the gender jobs which is a man doing outside job work and woman doing inside job work. When Buddy told his parents that he is actually gay, his parents were angry at him and told him to be straight. Buddy had to move to California that accepts gay people and to escape his strict parents. Buddy is hoping that his sister would follow the same steps as he did to escape his strict parents. In Actually Happened video My Parents Raised Us In Different Ways, a girl named Christine had to deal with her parents way of how girls and boys should be by having her older brother Ed having more privileged stuff like having friends, not washing the dishes and not having a strict curfew unlike Christine where she has to deal with having limited friends, washing the dishes for Ed and having a strict curfew but she still loves her parents. When Christine wanted to “go to law school and become a civil and human rights advocate” (ACTUALLY HAPPENED 04:25-04:26), her parents disapproved while her brother approved of her. Buddy’s Parents and Christine’s parents think that their children are stupid because they are following what’s right to them and not what’s right to their parents. Most people think that woman should do all the housework instead of working in other jobs or have the same rights as man. When I was on Debate.org, people on the no side said that they are less smarter than man, more emotional than man and be housewife which is not true because we are better than man because who’s fault to have segregation in the first place, white males not females because they weren’t allowed to vote in the 1800s because white man refused to change the law to make woman have rights.

In conclusion, do not be jerks to African Americans, Woman, and the LGBT community because they would protest against you in a violent way. The first reason why African American, Woman, and the LGBT community should have civil rights because they have the same capability as man do. The second reason why African American, Woman, and the LGBT community should have civil rights because they don’t get the same paid money and not a lot of people who are African American, woman and in the LGBT community working the STEM workforce as man do. The reason why African American, woman, and the LGBT community should not have civil rights because people think they are stupid and they should not have similar rights to man.


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