Who is Alexander the Great?

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Updated: May 01, 2019
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Alexander the Great accumulated the largest empire in the ancient world in about thirteen years. His empire was over 3000 miles wide. In the end of his conquest his empire spanned from Macedonia all the way to India and the Indus River Valley. (“”Alexander the Great.””)

Alexander the Great was born in 356 BC. to his father Philip II, king of Macedonia. As he grew up he watched his father turn Macedonia into a strong military power. When Alexander was thirteen his father hired Aristotle, one of the greatest philosophers of all time, to be his tutor for three years. In 340 BC. Alexander was left in charge of Macedonia as a regent while his father went away to invade Thrace. Two years later his father also gave him a commanding post with senior officers. This was a good experience to get him ready for what was to come in his life.(“”Alexander the Great of Macedon Biography.””)

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At the battle of Chaeronea, Alexander destroyed the Theban Secret Band. The victory of this battle is sometimes attributed to his bravery in killing them. After the battle of Chaeronea King Philip II tried to form the Corinth League to facilitate peace in Greece, but was stopped when he was murdered by his bodyguard. (J, Richard) After his father’s death Alexander took over by using force. He killed all his enemies within his country by having them executed. By the end of the summer of 336 BC. everyone acknowledged his authority to rule over Macedonia. (“”Alexander the Great of Macedon Biography.””)

A while after coming to power, in 334 BC., Alexander the Great started out to finish what his father had started before he died. He started his conquest on the Persian Empire. Taking some 5,500 calvary and 43,000 infantry he was able to succeed in his goal. (Hemingway)

The battle of Granicus, the battle of Issus, and the battle of Gaugamela were the three main battles Alexander fought against Persia. The first battle, the battle of Granicus took place on the banks of the Granicus river in 334 BC. Before the battle even began Persia made a mistake in the way they organized its troops. Alexander capitalized on this mistake and attacked the very same day he arrived, using 6 battalions of 9000 infantry in the center;on the left were his allied forces; and on the right, 3000 soldiers who carried shields were located along with Alexander himself. Alexander began his attack with the left flank to weaken the Persian army, and followed it with a direct attack that was led by the right side, who was soon followed by the rest of his massive army. The Persia’s Greek Mercenaries surrendered but Alexander didn’t let up and killed them as an example of what happens to traitors. Only two fifths were spared, and they were sent to work in camps back in Macedonia. (“”The Macedonian Conquest of Persia.””)

The second main battle Alexander the Great fought in his conquest of Persia was the battle of Issus.”

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