What would it be Like to Brutally Kill Something that is so Small, Young and so Fragile?

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Now you must be think that no one would do it but have you ever heard of abortion? Abortion is an induced termination of pregnancy before the fetus has developed in the womb. The spontaneous abortion is miscarriage but the induced abortion has become a controversial issue, because it involves voluntary decision to terminate the pregnancy. According to WHO statistics, the risk rate for unsafe abortion is 1/270; although according to other sources, it is responsible for at least 8% of maternal deaths. Worldwide, 48% of all induced abortions are not safe (Nour NM, 2008, “An Introduction to Maternal Mortality”, Reviews in Ob Gyn.1:77-81). In India, the medical termination of pregnancy act 1971, is responsible for legalization of abortion but only under mainly four conditions such as if continuation of the pregnancy poses any risks to the mother or to her physical or mental health, if fetus has any serious abnormalities, if pregnancy occurred as a result of failure of contraception (valid for only married women), if a pregnancy is a result of sexual assault (May 14, 2018, Soni Sangeeta). In the states, it is legal to abort the child in order to preserve health and life of the mother. Abortion was already legal in several states, but the decision imposed in 1973 nationwide (April 1, 2019, Guttmacher Institute).

To begin with, in India, people are more conservative and orthodox about sex related issues. Moreover, being the utmost religious country, even thinking about aborting a life would be considered as a sin. Besides that, there’s an interesting dilemma of gender discrimination in certain areas. Married couple abort their female child in a desire of a male child. On the other hand, in the US, the safety of the woman comes first instead of dwelling into ethical issues as people think as an individual not as a society. Although, people in the US, are divided into two class which is prochoice and prolife. People who are prochoice believe that women have the basic right to decide everything about the children based on their own religious and moral beliefs. People who are (anti-choice) prolife completely oppose abortion. They have a different kind of perception about abortion. For instance, women should not have any right to abort the child under whatsoever circumstances like rape or unhealthy mother. Also, people has a belief that woman are not allowed to use birth control as well (https://www.plannedparenthood.org).

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After analyzing the situation, one can understand that there are couple of major reasons of teen pregnancy in India. First and foremost, many girls face considerable pressure from their family to marry at a very young age and end up being mothers while they don’t even feel ready mentally as well as physically. Secondly, girls do not get a proper guidance from their parents or elders when it is highly required at a certain age. Third, teenagers do not get a good access of sex education from government or school. Lastly, when girls do not get the right to make decisions about their own reproductive health and well-being (https://plan-international.org/sexual-health/teenage-pregnancy ).

Whereas, in the US, there are many different causes which are contributing to unintended pregnancy. One of the reasons is peer pressure. During adolescence, teenagers have more influence by their peers than their own parents. Hence, being in peer pressure, some teenagers get involved in sexual activity even without knowing its consequences. Also, if a girl has no guidance from her parents or unhealthy environment in her home like if her parents forbid sex related conversation or they are not around when they are needed. In some cases, according to ABC’s “Good Morning America” plenty of movies that shows teen pregnancy as something to be desired, influence teenagers to indulge in sexual activity. Moreover, some teenagers do not understand the biological and emotional aspects related to having intercourse are more likely to get into this (basically lack of sex education), according to The Daily Record. Also, it can be caused by sexual abuse or rape.

In India, because of the increasing risk related to abortion, certain initiatives are taken to educate the youth about sex and sexuality such as, certain NGOs are working towards eradicating sex as a taboo. The teens are getting aware about sex and sex related transmitted diseases and the ways to prevent that by the help of school and government. Abortion is only carried out legally when there’s certain genetic abnormality detected in the unborn child or there’s a risk to the survival of the mother. Therefore, there are certain villages in India, where some women prefer or being forced to abort their child privately and due to poverty, abortion is carried out illegally by untrained people or uncertified provider which poses a great threat to the health of the mother. The ratio of black market or business of abortion is inclining upward due to poverty, to keep it confidential and lack of education and poor quality of maternal services which directly increases maternal deaths. For example, 50% of maternal deaths are due to sepsis are related to illegal induced abortion (Prakash A., et al. Indian Pediatr, 1991).

On the other hand, because of little flexible laws in the US, the highest number of abortion takes place every year. However, abortion has a major impact in the US economically. Abortion ruins a population that will work and pay taxes. It imposes a loss of between $70 billion and $135 billion of economic activity as well as between $10 billion and $33 billion in annual tax revenue (http://tinyurl.com/nu6e7yk). Because of the replacement of unsafe, illegal abortions by safer, legal procedures women experience fewer serious complications before and after the abortion (http://doi.org/10.1363/3502503).

In a conclusion, there’s a long road to go before people would start take it in a positive and normal way in India. However, in the states, getting abortion is not something to hide about as compare to India. It can be suggested that abortion should not be opted just because of personal prejudices in the life of the women.


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