What is Global Warming

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Updated: Jan 15, 2021
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Global Warming is the increase of Earth’s overall temperature due to activities happening naturally or created by humans, a study from NASA observed that variations in sunlight is causing global warming while the study points out human activities such as usage of greenhouse gases-equipped things and activities such as illegal logging are causing it.

Studies presented in articles and learning materials like videos and books have shown the changes that has happened in Earth’s temperature through the years because of the continuous rise in use of appliances and other things that uses heat-trapping gases or greenhouse gases such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) and Perfluorocarbons (PFCs) but it is also beneficial for our planet for it will become liveable and habitable because it traps gases to make the planet have a more suitable temperature for the organisms living in it. According to Charles Keeling when he started taking daily measurements of the amount Carbon Dioxide back in 1958, the total amount of Carbon Dioxide has been increasing year by year. (See figure 1 (left of page 3) and page 3 for usage of humans involving CO2 figure 2 (right of page 3) to see changes in temperature through the years)

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We can see that Earth’s temperature is getting warmer by 1.5°F (0.8°C) because usage of materials or anything that carries or uses heat-trapping gas is increasing that it is taking a toll on the citizens’ environment that it may cause sicknesses and weaker immune system due to some of global warming’s effects like melting glaciers or permafrosts that contain old bacteria and viruses that is very deadly. The introduction of things that uses heat-trapping gas plays a big factor why the earth’s temperature is getting warmer and changes in temperature during different season is highly noticeable.

Global warming is now becoming a crisis for humans because melting glaciers or permafrosts is really an issue or event we should really worry or focus on, because permafrosts contains the bacteria and viruses that were causes of some viral diseases that caused death before, it is dangerous for human because we are not immune to those bacteria. There has been a theory going around, connecting death of more than 2000 reindeer and causing 13 people fell ill, to the 75-year old anthrax spores released by melting permafrost.

There’s a lot that we can contribute to prevent continuous rise in the temperature that will cause more dangerous stuffs not only to the environment but also to our health, we can start it by informing ourselves about global warming, scientific studies, theories and by joining movements and agreement to that wants to prevent our planet from falling apart and wants safety of the planet and its citizens. We can contribute by simply starting the change within ourselves by limiting our usage of the said things or appliances that uses or releases gases that contribute to warming.

Global Warming is the gradual increase of the overall temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere that is starting to become dangerous that if we don’t move now, there’s no tomorrow to look forward to. Due to data being shown, we should start implementing rules and we should start uniting to prevent it from becoming more dangerous, we should start moving now before it is too late to save Earth and the future generation. There are still options and solutions to survive this adversity. 

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