What is Basketball?

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Basketball is a game that requires both physical traits and mentality traits in order to be successful at the game. Physically you need to be in shape to be able to run up and down the court and shoot the ball over and over again when your body is screaming at you to stop because its tired. It requires the mental part because you have to push pass that road block and continue to push through the pain and the voice in your head telling to give up.

Not only that but your brain is constantly working because you are looking at the pattern the defense is in and your looking and seeing what you can do to beat that defense. Your shooting isn’t always going to be perfect so you’re always adjusting it like, taking away power or adding it or taking away arc or adding it. It works everything to the max all the time only a few players thought out the history of the game have been able to master both aspects of the game. Players like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan they are the all-time best at playing both aspects of the game.

Kobe Bryant has been terrific at playing both sides of the game given the fact that he earned the clich© “Mamba Mentality.” He gets so into the zone in the middle of games that he doesn’t hear anything else that is going on his mind is one hundred person pointed towards the task at hand which is winning the game. Physically he dominated too he had the ability to rise above people and finish at the rim easily. He also had the sweet release that allowed him to make circus like shots with ease. Such as shooting with multiple defenders in his face and slipping and falling and still being able to get his shot off. Michael Jordan had the same gifts although he lacked in the amazing focus category.

He had the mental strength to force himself to play through games being sick as a dog. He then would get into a game and drop fifty points with ease. His physical attributes were out of this world as well he was able to perform extreme things that were unprecedented back in his day. Such as jumping from the free throw line and slamming it down and doing between the legs dunks.

These days the game of basketball is evolving so much and the players are better than ever. You can now tune in to watch thirteen year-olds playing the game and you’ll see some of them doing the exact same moves and dunks that even the professional adults are doing. Although the physical attributes are there you are seeing less and less of the mental attributes. Instead of kids staying in college and getting their degree they are in such a big rush to jump to the NBA and start getting paid to play. If the children getting these basketball scholarships were taking advantage of the gift that they were given it would the transform over to the basketball court.

Because when they are in college and competing in sports there are going to be some long nights and they are going to want to quit but they won’t because in the back of their mind their thinking about getting their degree and graduating. I do believe that it is not too late for them to step up and get on the same mental level as the Kobe’s and the Jordan’s. I’m not saying that in order to be mentally strong you have to stay in college but what I am saying that kids these days are running away from the mental challenges and running towards the physical ones.

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