What are the Mental Effects of Sexual Harassment?

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Updated: Aug 09, 2019
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There are many facets of Sexual Harassment including stalking, unwelcome calls, and the act of someone asking for sexual favors in order to get a reward. Sexual Harassment is the act of a perpetrator penalizing a victim and basically bothering them to get what they what. Sexual Harassment is when someone who might have low confidence in themselves wants what another has. So they stalk, call, annoy, follow, and harass an innocent person. Sexual Harassment can occur anywhere. Sexual Harassment can take place on the street, at your job, at school, even in the comfort of your own home. Why does Sexual Harassment occur? Sexual Harassment sometimes occurs because the “man” or “woman” has very low self-confidence. It may also occur because the “man” or “woman” wants to overpower a person. To dominate their victim. “Women tend to be in low-ranking positions, depending upon the approval and goodwill of male superiors for hiring, retention, and advancement.” – RainWomen are often given low ranking jobs so the male supervisor, could feel better about themselves. If the woman has a higher ranking position than the male, he would feel useless. 74% of the time a woman would be sexually harassed until the male feels better about themselves or just gets bored of the victim. Sexual Harassment occurs in the workplace very often. At some point in a male’s life, they feel as if they are losing power. They feel as if women take over too much. In some of these male’s eyes, they feel women should just stay home and do some house cleaning or cook. But, despite what they think, this is not how the world works.

Women in our generation want to be heard. They want to show what they know (about what?). They want to be respected for their level of education. They want to show what they worked so hard for. But some of the males don’t approve of that. For example, in the workplace. “Sexual Harassment of women can occur largely because women occupy inferior job positions and job roles; at the same time, sexual harassment works to keep women in such positions.” Males want power, but can’t always have it. That is part of why sexual harassment occurs so often, against women. Sexual Harassment really is not a joke. It’s traumatizing and can really mess up one’s life. If someone has encountered sexual harassment, the victim would not be able to trust anyone; especially if it was someone in your family. Sexual harassment really is something that needs to be viewed and stopped. Sexual harassment makes it hard for the victim to even go the bed without being scared they’re going to be touched again or being stalked at that moment. Sexual harassment can happen at any moment.

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It can happen while at work, going for a run, babysitting, or even in class. In some cases, sexual harassment occurs because the perpetrator is jealous of the victim. So the perpetrator tries to drain every ounce of humanity their victim might have left. The perpetrator has no remorse. They are hurting deep inside so they go to the victim to try and gain some respect for themselves. But they aren’t going for the right respect. They stalk and watch the victim. They call constantly and they try to figure out their schedules so the perpetrator would be able to know where their victim is, at every moment. Sexual harassment can also occur in the workplace. When a man feels threatened by a woman that has a high ranking position, sexual harassment is most likely to occur. This is because a man is supposed to feel like they have power over anyone or thing and that most definitely relates to a woman. Some men feel as if, “A woman should be home cooking, cleaning, and taking care of children.” Which is exactly the opposite of what some women want? Yes, some women want to be housewives. But many do not. They want to thrive and prosper. They want to make a name for themselves. They want to be at the top of the charts. Some of the men forbid women from having that higher power. But some women like a challenge. Even though there might be people who doubt them, she’ll do her best to come out on top. The male doesn’t like that. When brought to a certain point the male would do anything to get what they want. Which then leads to women being harmed, either mentally or physically.

A male who is feeling threatened by a woman would do anything to make himself feel better, or to at least get some self-confidence back in himself. He will stalk, threaten, constantly call, and many other traumatizing things, just to get what the man wants. Just to try and make himself feel better’; just to be in control. The sad part is the woman has to deal with this until she decides to speak up. Which does not always happen.Sometimes a woman would be too ashamed to speak up. In some cases, the male will threaten the woman into not saying anything. He would say such things as, “Don’t you dare say anything bitch or this bullet will find your brain” or “If you ever think of saying anything I will break every single one of your bones.” Some women would be very afraid. They will keep everything that is happening to them to themselves. They wouldn’t say a word because they’re afraid if they do, their life would be over. But on the other hand, some women run to the first person they see and confide in them. They spill out everything and just wait for the help. Lets with the roles first. Females are not the only ones being sexually harassed; males are as well. I watch this show called “Law and Order – Special Victims Unit” it’s based on real events. A female probation officer forced the no longer inmate into having sex with her. She would tell her things, that would ruin his life. He told the Special Victims Unit, he wanted some help. The female probation officer found out. She did a home checkup (a probation officer has the right to search the inmate’s house because those are the rules) and she planted drugs in his home. She “found” the drugs and arrested him.

All, in the end, the truth was found and she lost her license. The moral of that episode was to show us that women are not only victims. Men also feel their pain. Men go through the same things women go through. Men feel the same pain. Men know the same struggle. When a woman is stalked or followed. It’s a big thing; which it should be, not trying to be mean. But when the same event occurs to a man is seen as abnormal. People these days don’t see that men go through the same pain as women. Which that statement is abnormal. This is because your sex doesn’t determine the events that occur to you. It is the people around you. If I am being completely honest family members do hurt one of their own. It could be because of a disease or just because that’s what they choose to do. Sabrina Trobak says that “Sexual abuse by an immediate, extended family member, or someone is known to the family is by far the most common type of abuse to occur.” I know you might be asking, “Why is this?” This is because “There are different types of sexual offenders who offend against children; the three most common being pedophiles, hebephiles and regressed sex offenders. For the purpose of this paper, the father is a regressed sex offender, the most common of the three, and also significantly different than the pedophile and hebephile.” That is why some of the people’s personal problems make them act out in negative ways.

Everyone has problems! Everyone has their bad days. But sometimes those “bad days” could lead to someone worst nightmare.Sexual Harassment really is not a joke. Sexually harassment can really damage one’s mind and body. Sexual harassment really implants the fear in a man or women. It also hurts their lifestyle and the way they see things. The way they thought everything was okay. The way their mind and body were destroyed. Everything is flipped upside down. The way the victim viewed the world. Was all changed based on the action of an individual that had no remorse for the safety of another. Sexual Harassment really is not a laughing matter. If someone has seen off. Or something is happening to them and you know about it. Try to help them. Show them that someone is there to help them. Show them that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

What are the Mental Effects of Sexual Harassment? essay

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