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Vanlife. Camping. Road Trips. All synonyms for freedom, for wanderlust, for adventure. My #ProjektBus progresses slowly and actually I would like to move in completely in the Bulli. This feeling is so incredibly beautiful! With bright eyes I could swarm hours and philosophize about Vanlife and road trips. Before the expansion, I had no idea how it will look inside sometime. I still have not really. There is no plan, instead I let myself be inspired again and again. And I usually get my ideas from the WorldWideWeb. Especially on Instagram , I discovered the most beautiful vans, bullis and DIY campers. And I would like to introduce my highlights to you today in this little article.

1. DIY Camper: The Rolling Home. My favorite favorite account! The Rolling Home, this is the VW T4 by Calum and Lauren from England. The two have developed their Bulli during the last few years to one of the most beautiful campers ever. With carpet on the walls, wooden furniture and a perfectly styled interior. They drive with their Bulli through Europe and share their impressions in beautiful photos on their account. There is even a book about traveling and about the expansion of the bus that I can absolutely recommend. Thanks to my favorite sister for the great birthday present! Instagram Homepage DIY Camper

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2. DIY Camper: Home Sweet Van. A beautiful project by Jules and Richie from America. The two got to know each other and love Tinder and have decided a short time later for a life in their self-developed Mercedes Sprinter. On their account they share beautiful photos of their travels and often also pictures from the inside of their van. I love the wood paneling and the many places. The bed is huge and is turned into a seat while driving. And in the evening, a filigree light chain creates the perfect ambience. Instagram Homepage DIY Camper

3. DIY Camper: Zach Both. Modern, bright, perfect. Both has upgraded his 2003 Chevy Express so beautifully that it almost leaves you speechless. Unfortunately, there are not many photos on his account. His homepage offers a wealth of information, tips and hints. It shows how long it took for an expansion section, what he has installed and what tools he has used.

Instagram Homepage DIY Camper

4. DIY Camper: Carlie Welsh. First of all: The camper is unfortunately for sale, in the future there will probably be no such beautiful photos of at least this bus. Nevertheless, the expansion is really successful. The colors white and brown dominate the interior of the 2000 Ford Econoline . My favorite elements are the fairy lights, the curtain construction in the background and the beautiful cabinet on the side. I have to remember right away. Instagram DIY Camper

5. DIY Camper: Cyrus Sutton. Cyrus Sutton, one of the buddies of Foster Huntington (The initiator of the Vanlife movement). It started with Sutton actually with a 2003 Ford E250 . Even expanded, with crazy paint and an even more ingenious high roof. He was then auctioned in the summer of 2015 on Ebay. Now it goes on with a Mercedes Sprinter with a long wheelbase. In addition to brilliant photos on the topic of outdoor and wanderlust, he also posts the individual steps of his camper expansion on his account. There I would move in immediately. Instagram DIY Camper

6. DIY Camper: The Bus Life. Sarah and Matt have exchanged their old grass green Bulli for a Chevrolet Express and built it to own campers. The color white became a white / orange / brown mix (somehow reminds me of the color of the old GDR track suits) and the car has a self-made high roof made of wood. Inside there is plenty of wood, plenty of storage space and a perfectly equipped kitchen area. On Instagram, they regularly show pictures of their tours and the Vanlife with their Camper Becket. InstagramHomepage DIY camper The Bus Life

7. DIY Camper: Vanalog Vibes. I first discovered the photo below on Pinterest . And instantly in love with me! I mean, look at it. Is not the expansion perfect? The small compartments under the bed, a fully equipped kitchenette and this huge sleeping area. The basis is a green Mercedes Sprinter, the expansion is homemade. Unfortunately, the account is not posted regularly, but the already uploaded photos speak for themselves. Instagram DIY Camper

8. DIY Camper: Tiny Tin Studio. Here comes to me only one word: wood. Wood on top, wood on bottom, wood on right and left. A relatively new account about Vanlife. Jamie and Jazz have upgraded their white VW T4 Transporter rustic and natural. The smell in the Bulli must be amazing! Fresh, woody, as if you were sleeping in the middle of the forest. Or in the wood department of the hardware store. Instagram DIY Camper

9. DIY Camper: Pashwag. Actually, I was in love with the location, Australia ‘already totally in love. Erin and James have upgraded their VW T4 in beautiful pastel shades. The interior is bright and flooded with light. A nice contrast to the often darker interiors of other campers. Larger areas such as sky, back door and side walls were covered with dark carpet. Instagram DIY Camper 10. DIY Camper: Vanlife Diaries. Not a single project, but a collection of DIY campers and campervans, collected at #Vanlifediaries. For the concentrated charge of inspiration and vanlife feeling.

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