Vacationing with your Employer: what to Consider before Going

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When it comes to a family vacation, more and more nannies are getting the invite to come along—and for good reason!. Long-term nannies often feel like a part of the family, and being invited on a trip with your nanny family is a huge indicator of how much they value you. nNot to mention howthe fact that the parents are probably itching for some much much they can help parents get that much needed R&R while they’re away while they’re away. And nannies, who wouldn’t say “yes” to an all-expenses-paid getaway?

Traveling with your nanny family can have some seriou s perks––Hello, free vacation! However, it might not be all it’s cracked up to be. Is it free? Are you expect to work full-time and be responsible for the kids? Will you have your own room? However, before you pack your bags, there are a few important questions you’ll need to work with the family to get answered. Use the following questions to start and guide the conversation with the parents. Working out the details with the parents ahead of time will help you make the right decision.

After all, you deserve a vacation, too! What will yourmy responsibilities look like? Chances are, the trip’s schedule will look very different from your typical daily routine. For one, you will be around your nanny family 24/7 and it’s likely that there will be stretches of time where you and the parents will both be around the kidsboth you and the parents are “on-duty.” In these scenarios, what are the parent’s expectations? TheyDo they may want to take charge when you’re both around, work together or let you take the lead.?

Deciding on this beforehand will minimize confusion for you and the children. A new environment is likely to mean new responsibilities, too. While the family may not have every single day of their trip mapped out, you and the parents should decide on the general scope of your duties before you leave. I suggest discussing e. Talk about what is expected of youwhat your role will during the importantroutine parts of the day, such as mornings, meals and bedtime. Then, talk about the excursions! Who will take the kids to the beach or coordinate tickets for the amusement park?

Ask as many questions as you can to minimize any last-minute surprises. How wHow will youI be paid? Being with the family 24/7 means that you’llyou can set a have to decide on a different pay rate.… but what will that look like? Much like determining a nanny’s salary, your vacation rate will depend a lot on your responsibilities, how many kids you’re looking after and your own expenses. Instead of tallying up your hours, I suggest agreeing try to agree on a lump sum for the entire trip. Once you have your responsibilities in order, you’ll be able to negotiate a rate that is fair tofor both you and the parents.

Another thing to keep in mind is the potential for out-of-pocket costs. Will you have to pay for lunches or other daily essentials? If this will be the case, these costs are cause for conversation, too. Where will youI stay and how will youI get there? Depending on where the family decides to go, you may be expected to fly to their destinationmay have to pay for airfare.

Will the family pay your way? More than likely, if the parents are asking you to come on the trip, they’re going to pay for you to get there.these costs will be covered by the parents. However, it’s important to stay in-the-know on all travel arrangements—including where you will stay. Consider if having your own roomhaving to share a room is a deal breaker, or if you are OK with bunking with the kids. Keep in mind that you will be clocking in a lot of family time. Be sure to consider your privacy needs in advance! Is Free Time a Factor? Will I have any free time?

As I said, a vacation means 24/7 nanny fam time. It’s natural to want a little time to yourself,–– especially if you’re staying somewhere sunnyescaping the Chicago winter! Ask the parents if family-only time is a part of their plan and if not, how they would feel about allowing you a beachside break here and there. No matter what you agree upon,their response, it’s best not to plandon’t count on a relaxing getaway. Remember, you’re still on the clock and expected to care for the kids in whatever ways you and the family have agreed!immensely relaxing getaway. You’re still on the clock and expected to care for the kids at times.

However, it’s not unrealistic for you to request nights off or one day off for your own adventure! Bear in mind that if the parents are paying for your trip, they get to set the terms. If you’re not OK with that, don’t go! The invitation shows that they truly value and trust you, but they also want you there as their kids’ nanny. Family vacations can be a huge perk of being a nanny. However, if the parent’s expectations do not match your own, it is OK to stay home!

This is a big step in your relationship with the family, so give your decision the consideration it deserves. Don’t say “Yes!” right off the bat because they’re going somewhere tropical. TakingTake the time to think about your needs and deal breakersvacation non-negotiables before then sit you sit down with the parents to discuss them. willThe goal is to find an arrangement that you both enjoy, help you come to an agreement that works great for both parties! so be open to what they have to say, but stay true to your bottom line.

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