To Kill a Mockingbird Book Vs Movie

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Updated: Mar 07, 2023
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I have watched the movie “To Kill a Mockingbird”, there are a few fallacies that I managed to find in the movie, which are attacking the motive and two wrongs make a right and inappropriate appeal to authority. First and foremost, the first fallacy is attacking the motive that appeared in the movie, where all the people insist that Tom Robinson had raped Mayella Ewell. While Mayella was suing Tom by rapping her, Mr Ewell stopped Atticus outside the court and told him: “ I am really sorry they picked you to defend that nigger that raped my Mayella.

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” He even called Atticus a “nigger-lover”.

Other than that, the day before the court trail of the rape case, the Old Sarum bunch went to the jail which Tom was staying and they wanted to hang him up rather than let him go. As for me, these circumstances are reflecting the racism among humans. In addition, Tom Robinson is actually the victim in this case as Mayella Ewell’s dad caught she trying to kiss Tom but he pushed her away and ran out from the house. Although the evidence that is enough to proof Tom is actually innocence in this case, but most of them still insist that he raped the white women just because he is black people.

Besides that, the fallacy that I found from this movie is two wrongs make a right. During Scout’s first day of school, she follows her classmate, Walter, and beaten him up. Jeremy came and stopped them and asked “What do you think you’re doing?”. Scout said: “He made me start off on the wrong foot!”. She was pissed with Walter because the teacher had misunderstood when she tried to explain why Walter does not have lunch money. Therefore, the teacher doesn’t accept her explanation and she even beat Scout’s hand. To my mind, this ought not be the reason of pounding her companion nor should she even beat somebody regardless although Walter and Scout get into trouble.

Last but not least, the last fallacy I found is inappropriate appeal to authority from the scene of the movie. They believe about rumors, such as Boo killed his neighbor’s cats and they don’t have any proves that shows Boo did such things. Jeremy also revealed to Dill that the man who just gone by was the meanest man as he got a child named Boo who chained by him to a bed in the house. Jeremy stated: ‘He eats raw squirrels and all the cats he can catch’ and aunt Stephanie came and cautioned Dill that she doesn’t need him to playing around Boo’s home. From my perspective, what happened above are not solid and dependable as the thing they said about Boo is from the tattle of grown-ups in the town. They make up strange and horrible tales about Boo as they said Boo as a ‘Monster’. 

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