Tituba and other Social Outcasts in the Crucible

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Updated: Apr 26, 2020
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Tituba and other Social Outcasts in the Crucible essay

The Crucible is a play that’s about the Salem Witch Trials which took place in Massachusetts Bay Colony during 1692. A town minister named Reverend Samuel Parris discovered his young daughter Betty Parris age 10 as well as his niece Abigail Williams dancing in the forest with other girls and a slave named Tituba. Young Betty falls into a deep sleep after being discovered by her father. Rumors surfaced that the girls were playing around with witchcraft. Families and other towns gather together as they try and find a solution to the situation. To mention, Abigail Williams age 17 is an orphan, that lives with her uncle. She leads the other girls in their accusations from the night they were dancing in the woods. The person to blame for the horrific events that’s been happening is Abigail. Her personality is cruel and heartless she will do anything and everything to get her way, in this case to get herself out of trouble.

Abigail Williams is to blame for the deaths of those innocent Puritans who died during the witch hunt. Abigail is the antagonist and John Proctor is the protagonist. On the other hand, others also share the blame The Putnam’s was fixated on giving the blame of the death of her children. Her husband Mr. Putnam encouraged their daughter to cry out against people whose land he wanted to take when they were imprisoned. The judges of the court also share the blame by rejecting logical facts. They refused to hear testimony that could prove the innocence of others. Lastly, Reverend Parris blamed those who were against him. He also hid the fact about his niece has been caught dancing and saying spells in the forest. He didn’t want a bad reputation for himself. Just for those few people the one who really is to blame is Abigail Williams. For one thing, if I was to define Abigail Williams it would be that she is a manipulative, jealous, regretful kind of girl. In her actions it shows she is willing to do anything to benefit her even if it hurts others around her. In this play innocent people get killed for her lies. If I were to defend her I would start off by saying she is an orphan and was lucky enough to be brought into the Puritan Salem social ladder. She grew up with the mentality of being above others.

For example, Tituba and other social outcasts in towns. Which brought her to testing out boundaries and seeing how far she can get away with things. Since her uncle reverend Parris had a good name around the town, she may have thought she could get her way with pretty much everything because she knew he would have to cover her butt so he wouldn’t look bad. Essay Draft To sum it up, Abigail was an evil girl and killed many innocent lives. Tore many families apart and manipulated so called friends and family. Abigail ended up moving far way and no one heard from her sense. The town of Puritan of Salem, Massachusetts will forever be known as one of the biggest yet twisted Witch Trials in America

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