Through Experiences of “Trials and Misfortune”?

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“Faith according to Martin Luther has a threefold power. Through our faith in christ we are free from the law, through faith we honor god and through faith our souls are united with christ. Faith is also established in our experiences because through these experiences or our darkest hours is when we seek and trust in god the most.All of these are evident in Martin Luther’s passage titled “ DEDICATORY LETTER OF MARTIN LUTHER TO POPE LEO X”. In my opinion I believe that faith has to do with having trust and confidence in god in all of his works that he does.

According to luther through faith we honor God. Through Faith we honor God by trusting in Him alone and by ascribing to Him the honor of being truthful to His promise. “When this is done God’s name is hallowed” (Luther). Luther believed that when the soul firmly trusts the promises of God, it regards God as truthful and righteous. Nothing greater than this can be said of God. It is the highest worship of God to ascribe to him truthfulness, righteousness, and whatever other qualities ought to be predicated of a power in whom one trusts. The more we trust and try to stay true to god the more blessing we are going to raep. God created us in his image to do his works and have faith in all that he is and does; all he really asks of us to believe and trust. The more trust that we have in god the more we understand that all good things come through him.

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There are so many reason why we should trust in god and one of those is because he never changes his plan or purposes. God is someone who doesn’t start off with just one plan for the world and then change it if things don’t go right. He has many purposes for you and me which he will absolutely fulfill. He will always fulfill his purpose for us, even though we will fail at times. He fulfills his purpose for us even when we don’t know what that purpose is. His almighty purpose is to make us like Christ and glorify him and despite our many weaknesses he will certainly fulfill that purpose. Therefore we can trust him..

Faith unites the soul with Christ. Just as a groom is united with his bride by a solemn vow so “Christ and the soul become one flesh” . This is the great exchange where the property of the groom becomes that of his wife and vice versa (Luther) . So Christ takes our sin and gives us His righteousness. Luther describes faith as the wedding ring. Through faith we are not united to Christ because we have been justified. It is quite the other way around: we are justified because we have been united to Christ, who is himself our justification (1 Cor. 1:30). We receive Christ’s benefits precisely and only because we receive Christ.

Martin Luther spoke on this precisely: “But so far as justification is concerned, Christ and I must be so closely attached that He lives in me and I in Him. What a marvelous way of speaking! Because He lives in me, whatever grace, righteousness, life, peace, and salvation there is in me is all Christ’s; nevertheless it is mine as well, by the cementing and attachment that are through faith, by which we become as one body in the Spirit.” When we completely give ourselves up to good that is when we are united with god and truly become one. Only when that is done is when we can receive all of his blessing.

Many Christians have either lost part or all of their faith in the Lord as a result of getting hit with some severe torpedo shots. And unless you have a full understanding as to why God will sometimes allow bad things to happen to good people in this life. In any case, not exclusively are hardships every one of the a piece of this life because of the Adamic revile that is still in full task on this planet, however the Lord Himself needs to utilize a portion of these hardships so as to test our confidence levels in Him now and again, alongside utilizing the warmth and force of these preliminaries to consume great, genuine, and pious characteristics into the very centers of our spirits and identities as a major aspect of our purification procedure in Him.This presently leaves every single Christian with one of two conceivable alternatives when looked with any sort of hardship in this life: One, we can either quit, keep running off the playing field of life because of dread and terrorizing, and abandon God with what He needs to do with this preliminary for our life.

Or then again two, we can take our hardship head on in precisely the same way that David did with Goliath, and venture out into the war zone and be driven by the Holy Spirit concerning which fight system to take and use against the tempest cloud.At some point or another, God will by and by test you out in this domain in the event that you have never truly been tried. Nobody will leave this life immaculate and solid from a portion of the diverse hardships that can come our direction. Gods understand that during these times we may have doubts but as christians during that time is when or trust and union with god should kick in and allow us to come out on the other side through christ. Let’s take paul for an instance who started of his life as saul persecuting people of god when he was blind guy god and eventually through faith became paul and regain his sight.”

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