Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson’s Presidency

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In this essay you will be reading about Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson’s presidency. It will be about their accomplishments and challenges in there presidency, and comparing them to each other.

Thomas jefferson was born April 13 ,1743 in Shadwell, virginia. He died july 4th ,1826. Thomas jefferson was the third president, he was elected in 1801, he was an early advocate of total separation of church and state, he was also the founder of the university of virginia.

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Andrew Jackson was a american soldier who was the seventh president. Jackson was born march 15, 1767 in waxhaw settlement between north and south carolina. Unlike other presidents Jackson was born into poverty because of that he was known as “common man”.

Thomas Jefferson had many accomplishments but one of the biggest is the louisiana purchase, thomas Jefferson pulled out off the land deal of the millennium when he buys 800,000 square miles from the french, stretching from the mississippi river to the rocky mountains, another accomplishment is when jefferson addresses congress

Andrew Jackson had many accomplishments for example Trail Of Tears.

The trail of tears was a series of forced relocations of native americans in the us from their ancestral homelands in the southern united states to areas to the west that had been designated as indian territory. Another one was the indian removal act. The indian removal act was signed into law by president Andrew Jackson on may 28, 1830 authorising the president to grant unsettled lands west of the mississippi in exchange for indian lands with existing borders.

Thomas Jefferson faced several challenges while he was president one of those is issues with other countries, britain and france were at war. Neither country wanted us to trade with the other one, but both britain and france interfered with trade. Another one is thomas jefferson was trying to stop the midnight appointments of former president John adams.

Another one was the court system jefferson knew the judiciary would ne a issue for him since a lot of the judges that were appointed by john adams were federalist.

Andrew Jackson faced a lot of challenges but the biggest one he faced was Bank war. This incident Jackson tried to destroy the second bank of the united states. Another one was the tariff issue of 1828, south carolina stated it could ignore acts of congress within its state borders. And another , one is Jackson had to deal with the loss of his wife while being sworn in as president.

When you compare the challenges Jackson and Thomas, they both had a lot of hard challenges that they had to face but i think that Andrew Jackson had the hardest challenges because he lost his wife right as he was becoming president so he had to adjust to his new life and not having his wife. But thomas jefferson faced hard challenges too.

I think andrew jackson was more successful because he had a lot of challenges but he had a lot of accomplishments thomas jefferson did too but i think that andrew jackson had more for example he had to face the bank war and losing his wife, but he had trial of tears and jacksonian democracy.

That who Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson what they accomplished and challenges they face.

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