The World Utopia, Created by Tomas more

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Utopia is a book trying to describe an idle way of living for people through the fiction title so that he can tell his idea as a story of a man finding this country, Amaurot, with a king Utopos. This country is a manmade island with a group of people Utopos turned into his followers. He places laws and tries to create his personal utopia. The world utopia, created by Tomas More himself, has gained a lot of presence recently.

His island, two hundred miles across in the middle part, where it is widest, and nowhere much narrower than this except towards the two ends, where it gradually tapers. These ends, curved round as if completing a circle five hundred miles in circumference, make the island crescent-shaped, like a new moon., has set housing, family size, jobs (to a certain extent), and almost a democracy like government with a prince. Households are split into groups of thirty with 10 to 16 members, and every year each of these groups chooses an administrator, called a phylarch. Every ten phylarches operate under a higher official, called an archphylarch. These archphylarch elect a prince in a secret ballot. They meet with this prince every 3 days. Each city is surrounded by farmland, and every member of each city spends occasional two-year stints in the country doing agricultural work. Cities do not attempt to expand their frontiers; they think of the surrounding areas as land to be worked rather than as estates to be owned. People are re-distributed around the households and towns to keep numbers even. If the island suffers from overpopulation, colonies are set up on the mainland. Alternatively, the natives of the mainland are invited to be part of these Utopian colonies, but if they dislike them and no longer wish to stay they may return. In the case of under-population, the colonists are re-called. Wives are subject to their husbands and husbands are subject to their wives although women are restricted to conducting household tasks for the most part. Only few widowed women become priests. While all are trained in military arts, women confess their sins to their husbands once a month. Gambling, hunting, makeup and astrology are all discouraged in Utopia. There are several religions on the island: moon-worshipers, sun-worshipers, planet-worshipers, ancestor-worshipers and monotheists, but each is tolerant of the others. Only atheists are despised in Utopia, as they are a danger to the state: since they do not believe in any reward after this life. Gold and very precious things to us are not seen as valuable in Utopia and are given to children as toys or used for other things. Agriculture is a major need within this state and feeds the entire state. When one city has an agricultural surplus, it exports with no charge to its neighbors. Those neighbors do the same in return. When it is time to harvest, extra men are sent from the city to help. Harvesting usually takes little more than a day. This utopia also has slaves to do work they don’t want to. “The Utopians keep as slaves only prisoners taken in wars fought by the Utopians themselves. These slaves can be let free if the prince sees they are working hard, and they can go back to their country if they feel or stay in Utopia. Utopians don’t fight in wars and use gold and silver they don’t use to pay for people to fight for them. Utopians never fight if not needed and will never break an alliance. There is no paying at the center store warehouse where you can get everything you need. “Every father … takes … without either paying for it or leaving anything in exchange. The needs should fit the family size and life style. Private property is a nonexistent thing in utopia meaning you can walk in to any where any place and it could be fine. Leaving nothing hidden could cause problems when it comes to personal time.

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Utopia is fiction and it changes the way the reader reads it because the see the text as a place only imagined by people as their perfect world. Utopia can only be thought of as a fiction because there are always going to be thinking different from one another. The politics of Utopia have been influential to the ideas of communism. Utopian socialism was used to describe the first concepts of socialism. There are many ways to think of the society of Utopia. It can be thought of as the culmination of rational thought or Humanist beliefs. The purpose of Mores book is to have the Christian countries of Europe and more specifically England adopt his ideas. Tomas More protects himself by making it fiction as he can block any criticism of the idea by saying it was created to give the impression that there is no perfect world. Women are treated not awfully but not equally in utopia. The role allocated to women in Utopia might have been being more liberal from a contemporary point of view. he religious message in the work and its uncertain tone has also alienated some theorists from the work.

I like the idea of a perfect way of life, but I don’t like the unoriginality that comes with it as it becomes a boring way of living. I liked the book it was confusing in some parts, but the symbolism created kept my interest. It honestly could never work now it would need a lot of changes to fit the current area and problems we face today.

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