The Women’s Suffrage Campaign and 19th Amendment

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Imagine this; you are living in 1919, when women’s rights are coming into play and are starting to be created. During this time, people are starting to realize how had is for women to get some social status. Even before 1919 women were still fighting and it only started to change now. Imagine how amazing this feeling this was for women when they were getting recognition and having more people on their side. The 19th amendment was created August 18th, 1920 and changed lives of women. Don’t forget that it also had some benefits and negatives along the way to creating the amendment and the result of it.

Some of the pros that would go with the 19th amendment would be obviously that they gained the right to vote. This was such a struggle in the beginning because it was so hard to earn. Another pro that was that when people started to realize how bad women were treated, they started to take action to help them out and support them. A great pro would be that before the amendment even happened, NAWSA (National American Women’s Suffrage Association) was created. This was huge and a great example of how hard women were trying to get their rights. And it paid off. One very smart thing that women started to do was attempting to vote at polling locations and filing lawsuits when their attempts were rejected and this certainly grabbed the attention of others. When women’s rights were gained, the government became closer with its people because now they had practically double the amount of people voting in their democratic government.

There are sadly many more serious negatives than positives with the 19th amendment and therefore makes it more important. One huge negative is that no matter what the amendment said, people still discriminate women to this day and don’t treat them as the equals they are. They still aren’t treated fairly, sometimes given a smaller wage in jobs, and are still seen as the “weaker” gender. They fought way to hard for their right to vote because they should at least be involved in the making of the rules and laws they would have to follow. This took a lot of hard work for them to earn. People would make political cartoons about their struggles and mock them for not being “strong enough” to be able to have rights that should be given to them at birth. It is super sad because some people were aware of the situation and still did nothing about it. Not all people agreed with them gaining any rights at all.

There are many positives and negatives to the 19th amendment but let’s start with the positives. The major one is that they gained the right to vote. This was huge and gave women so much courage and so much of a victorious feeling for them at the time. A great result with all of this too was that when the women were able to vote practically double the population was able to vote so it made their democratic government stronger. It was awesome when women started to come up with smart ideas to get the people’s attention to start acting out against it. One example would be when women went to a voting location and filing lawsuits when their attempts were rejected. A serious  negative that still is a huge problem today is that people still don’t treat women right and or fairly. It doesn’t matter if there is an amendment or not, it still is a huge problem that wasn’t completely solved. They are still seen as the weaker gender by some and it is not fair. They fought hard for their rights because they thought that it wasn’t fair that they couldn’t have a say in the process that chooses the rules that they would have to follow the rest of their life. Even though there are some bad things that still are around today that the amendment didn’t quite solve, life today would be so much more different without it.

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