The Stages of Team Formation

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Teams are formed when a group of individuals come and work together to complete a common goal. Teams play a extremely important role in organizations as well as our personal lives. To be successful in the professional and world, you need to be able to work well with others, which is why teamwork is important. It brings new ideas to help solve problems through good communication. While working together maybe the solution to many problems, there are always more ways to improve your contribution to the team. Teamwork persuades unity in an environment which results in individuals to perform well.

Being able to work well together is important in healthcare because it benefits the people in the community. Being on a healthcare team means that everyone is working towards the betterment of the patient. Effective teamwork is essential in healthcare for many reasons. One main reason that good teamwork is important for heath care is so that medical errors can be prevented and solutions can be found. Working in a team together benefits others healthcare because it results in more shared ideas within one another.

Sharing ideas with each other on a healthcare team may help with treating or diagnosing a patient correctly. To ensure that the correct decision making is accurate, healthcare organizations should encourage open discussion and feedback from others to get a variety of opinions. In a healthcare environment, new fresh ideas are needed to succeed. Having a unique perspective brought to attention will benefit the team overall. Organizations will thrive when they have a diverse team of individuals who can contribute their own different ideas. Collaboration within a group can help solve difficult problems and brainstorming together creates a good opportunity for the team to exchange ideas and come up with new solutions.

Communication can affect the outcome of teamwork in a positive or negative way. Communication plays a significant role in everyday life, whether its at school or at work. Miscommunication is one of the main problems that lead to arguments of disagreements. Working towards better communication skill between people can help individuals become a team and help aid business.

There are many aspects of communication that will affects a team in a positive way. One example of communication that will be beneficial towards teamwork is face-to-face communication. Texting or emailing might be the more favorable communication method in your personal life, but for the professional life, meeting face-to-face is the best option. The way the message might be read or interpreted can easily be misinterpreted. Sitting together in person allows everyone to get the same message and to share ideas more effectively.

Another example of communication that will positively affect a team is listening to each other and asking questions. To have good communication within a team means that everyone’s ideas are being heard. This means that one person is speaking at time and everyone is listening with a purpose. Being able to listen to different ideas is a communication skill that is hard to have, leading to lack of listening which causes conflicts between a team.

More people should encourage active listening to allow people to fully understand ideas during gatherings. With being able to listen to others ideas, you need to understand what the idea is. If you do not understand, don’t be afraid to ask questions because these questions could stimulate other questions and this allows the topic of the conversation to be fully explored. Depending on the communication within a team, can determine how well they work together.

On my dance team, communication key to success. During the time that our team choreographs our dance, our decisions are constantly changing with every action. Effective communication can be the difference between an energetic and powerful dance from a sloppy and unorganized dance. And because communication plays such a huge role in the succession of our team, I believe that it is my greatest strength regarding teamwork.

I provide effective communication to my teammates with valuable information for making good decisions in practice. Communication is not only limited to being verbal, body language and gestures can just be as effective for communicating on the court. Some body language and gestures that I do is smile and clap when a teammate makes a mistake. I believe that when you smile it puts the people around you in a better mood and keeps everyones spirits up. I also clap when a teammate makes a mistake because when an individual makes a mistake they are already feeling down on the inside, so by clapping and saying words of encouragement, I’m trying to help build back their confidence and encourage them to make it up the next routine.

With communicating when a teammate makes a mistake, I also continuously communicate with my teammates on the court. The more you communicate to your teammates, the more information they will have and with more information, dancers are able to make better decisions with better outcomes. Also communication builds trust between dancers and fosters the king of on-court chemistry that allows the team to operate as a cohesive unit. Three way to improve my teamwork contribution is setting more goals for myself, establishing team rules, and taking a break after a long period of working. Although communication is my greatest strength regarding teamwork, there are always more ways to improve my teamwork contribution.

Teamwork plays an important role in everyday life. It teaches you how to work well with others to achieve a common goal. While working in a team together, you learn many different skills, such as, active listening and not being afraid to ask question to fully understand what the topic is.

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