The Prevalence of AIDS in Dominican Republic Haiti and U.S

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Updated: Nov 11, 2022
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“”HIV, the infection that causes AIDS, is one of the world’s most genuine general wellbeing challenges.”” ( there were roughly 36.7 million individuals overall living with HIV/AIDS toward the finish of 2016. HIV is a human immunodeficiency infection which can cause (AIDS) which influences the cells of the safe framework, and crushes or disables their capacity, which makes it difficult to fend off contamination or sickness. There are a few distinctive courses about why HIV/AIDS is across the board far and wide. Individuals that are tainted with HIV/AIDS convey the infection in their body liquids, regardless of whether it’s in the circulation system or bosom drain, any liquids that is inside the body is contaminated with the infection. This infection must be spreaded if the HIV tainted liquids enter the circulation system of another person’s. Also, this can happen through an utilized syringe, through a cut or sore, as well as through the vagina, or opening at the tip of the penis. In any case, the most widely recognized route for individuals to get tainted is unprotected sex.

In specific nations there’s a high demise rate on account of this viru, and they don’t have the funds to inspire anti-infection agents to assist a little with the infection, these nations are known as creating nations and after that there’s the created nations. Created nations are more industrialized and have a higher salary level, and creating nations are nations that are less industrialized and have a lower pay level.

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Helps in Dominican Republic

As per NCBI roughly 250,000 individuals are living with HIV/Aids in the caribbean. This incorporates 27,000 individuals who ended up contaminated in 2006. Larger part of this case in the caribbean are accounted for on an island that is shared by Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Helps in Haiti

“”With a gauge of 150,000 individuals living with HIV/Aids in 2016 or around 2.1 percent predominance rate among grown-ups matured 15-49. Haiti has the most by and large instances of Aids in the caribbean.”” (According to NCBI)

Helps in U.S.

“”There is around 1.1 million individuals that are living with HIV in the United States and almost one out of seven of these individuals are unconscious they have HIV.”” (

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The United States has tried to control and decrease the infection as indicated by Avert, “”President obama made the USA’s first national HIV/Aids technique.”” this procedure was in 2010 and after that refreshed in 2015 and was to keep running until 2020. The technique had four primary objectives; it was to help lessen new Hiv contaminations, they needed to build access to mind and enhance wellbeing results for individuals living with the infection. The United States additionally made another counteractive action subsidize for $339 million, these assets will be sent over to a wellbeing office and anybody with the best needs will get a part to assist. Another system was to go into secondary schools and converse with the understudies about HIV and sex; to teach them on what to do and what not to do amid sex.

On the off chance that I was a human services specialist I would need to advance condom use around on plugs, I would put a container of free condoms in broad daylight places ,, for example, specialists workplaces, comfort stores, markets, and so forth and would likewise give out free check ups once every month.

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