The Matrix: Readings from Plato and Descartes

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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These readings focus on how the world is viewed as individuals and the relationship with the reality verses illusions. Each of these stories are related to a utopia world. The reason is utopia is a place that is imagined, or a state of items or things are perfect. Each of these are readings are based on different situations that are like dreams and are compared to the real world. The Matrix is about a computer hacker named Neo. Neo is given two different pills; each pill has a different purpose.

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The Red Pill = Reality and the Blue Pill = Illusion. Neo learns from the shadowy rebels, which is Morpheus and this crew. Morpheus and his crew teach Neo about the accurate nature of his reality and the part in the war in contradiction of the controllers.

Comparing The Matrix to Plato’s “The Allegory of the Cave” is a Theory of Forms to prisoners chained in a cave. The prisoners are sitting against a brick wall and can only see the wall of the cave in front of them showing shadows of the puppets. The Allegory of the Cave expresses the ignorance of humanity which is trapped in the predictable ethics molded by society. “Meditation 1: Of the things of which we may doubt” Rene Descartes idea was with Meditations being a valuable source for inspiration. Meditation 1 and The Matrix are similar; in The Matrix is about majority of the people distinguish is a dream that is created by the powerful existence to betray humankind. Meditation 1 is about people thinking they have no air to breathe. The reason is the people think the world they live in is a bad situation which is being attacked by war. All these readings are similar by the ways our brains think one way but are trick to think in another view. The way they are all different is that they show us different ways our brains and minds can work and think. These reading are very much like living in a world of utopia. We live in a real world and our dreams and the ways we think are the world of utopia. In the utopia world our minds can phenomenon and create happy images or an image that we choose.

At the end of the cave allegory, Socrates implies that most men would want to escape the cave and see reality as it really is. However, in his betrayal of Morpheus, Cypher implies that it is better to live in the artificial world of the Matrix. Which is better: the harshness of reality, or the “ignorance is bliss” of illusion? Defend you answer.

The end of the cave allegory implies the prisoners can learn their experiences with shadows. The “book’ that is talked about in this reading refers to what the prisoners have never seen before. The prisoners are sitting against a brick wall facing a cave wall. Behind the brick wall is a fire and a roadway where puppet showmen performed. The prisoners are unable to see the puppets but can see and hear shadows and echoes from the showmen. The prisoners able to talk about what they see ahead of them and create a story. The prisoners are then released and can see what they witnessed. The prisoners then were able to figure out what the shadows they seen what they were. In The Matrix Neo is given two pills and had to make a choice on whether to live reality or and illusion. Neo chose the illusion pill which allowed him to live a life which does not exist outside called “wonderland.” In the non existing world Neo is only able to communicate with the people in Morpheus group.

I personally would choose to live in the harshness of reality. The reason is this is where God placed each of us and gave a purpose to serve on this earth. Is the “ignorance is bliss” of illusion worth living? I believe living an illusion is not worth it, do to the fact that it is not real. The illusion we make face can hurt us and when we come back to reality and remember them it could possibly hurt us. The way we can hurt is we may want to continue to live in the illusion life otherwise to me called utopia. These illusions are not the full truth of life. Life is about facing difficulties and challenges, also learning from our mistakes made in life. In these illusions and the readings, we are not able to have the chance to witness God’s world. God have given us the real majesties of life. These majesties include our loved ones, mountains, skies and everything around us. I would not want to give any of this beautiful world around us that God created.

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