The Marketing Strategy of Maybe in India

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The question in discussion is how Maybe can be sure of making business in a foreign country that is India having its base at Mexico. To give the answer in a meticulous manner the concept of 4Ps is very important to remember and adhere to. I give below the picture of the 4 P structures that is the USP of any business. In short what should be focused on is the Product, Price, Promotion and Place and these along with the 5th P that is the support and goodwill with people will break the ice.

Product Maybe is the company which sells and manufactures kitchen furniture so it has to artfully target the higher and the higher middle class masses who has the affordability to invest on such goods because where still in many places in India a 4 to 5 member family somehow crop up in a ten is to 10 feet house even the dream of kitchen furniture is a luxury much beyond affordability. So the product with its specification need to suit the target group and the items need to satisfy to the taste of the customers to which it will cater. There should be services offer and packaging should be very good to compete with the taste and fashion of an international brand to allure the Indian market. Price should be in affordable range of the Indian customer.

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Kitchen furniture should have the bundle option and should be sold in concession with one or the other option. Discounts during Diwali can be given to cash in the buying season when the Indian bread-earner gets some extra money to spend. For high value kitchen furniture the company can venture with some finance companies like Diwan finance etcetra to tie up and give the customer some credit options.

The hardest part will be logistic and distribution: The company can first start cargoing the material and see the demand but have to soon open an Indian manufacturing unit to get the cost advantage and the tariff rebates. Inventory management should be done through Lean Management model to get the optimum out of the stock without hoarding and shortage. The distribution channel needs to be robust and give the best thrust on push sales and campaigns

Promotion: There should be the word of mouth spread with real life promotion of comfort on buying the products and these needs to be canvassed through newspapers, televisions and internet or the social medias. Promotion through Amazon can be a way to reduce inventory cost and be a self promotion for the goods. Self effort can be taken also for the promotion and advertisement of the goods. The work structure of rather the organization should be ideally three to four tire with lateral spread.

The finance and Human Resource should be ideally solved from Mexico. There should be sales representatives knowing the local language and also English to maintain a two way communication with the locals and the Mexican upper-heads. The sales people should be overseen by their supervisors who would report to the regional sales manager. The regional head should see the overall sales and admin. Thus we lay the foundation ground for breaking the market of India and a survey should preceed the launch of sales to find the target customers.

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