The Long-Lasting Iphone

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A. The battery life on smartphones is one of the major concerns with phone users. Which is one of the reasons why the product that we will be developing is a phone that has long lasting battery. Right now, phones are being fueled by lithium batteries, but with our new phone they will be built with nanobatteries instead. It will allow the phone to not only work better but charge better, increase the life time of the phone, and less recharging.

Due to people like adults, teenagers, and businesses needing to make phone calls, use the internet, browse documents, or use cameras. It is significant to have a long-lasting device. The market target will be towards modern and technology individuals. Those are the people who are always looking for new evolved products in the technology world. Marketing the product, the correct way will not only get consumers attention, but it will change the way smartphones are created.

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B. The overall objective of the company is to provide the best products that are out there for the costumers. By showcasing the different features of the phone, it could attract new consumers. The way to strategize will be by to keep it simple instead of making it complexed. It is also very important to have a good/healthy relationship with our customers.


A. Due to being part of the company, it is important to keep innovating in anyways. That is why I am suggesting the newest smartphone. The phone will be powered by nanobatteries which have proven to be better than the ones currently being used. The target is to make a long-lasting device with a better display and features. Having a long-lasting battery allows customers to use their phones for a long period of time and keeping up with daily task since many today rely mostly on their phones.

In this current society many millennials rely on their smartphones and technology to achieve most things. We are also always trying to stay connect it which makes it important to have a phone that has more battery than the current phones. If we promote and market it could be very successful since battery issues are one of the main concerns for smartphone users.

Apple’s computers and iwatch are one of the bests in the market space due to the technology and OS. Secondly, they have “brand equity”, most of the time they are at the highest spot and have big followers. Thirdly, they devote their time on “R&D” (Research & Development) analyzing the future instead of the present-day. They also have a little competition on its marking name.

However, on its “products levels”, there is reoccurring competition aimed at every single product. The iPads face competition from the Samsung’s tablets, iPhone face strong competition from android phones, and Mac’s face challenges from Dell’s products. For the services like iTunes and Apple Music, they have competition with music applications like Spotify. For the position it would be in Apple’s retail stores. It is also important to demonstrate the phone as adaptable, suitable, and proficient. While concentrating on the battery aspect, as well as the music, images, and videos.

The first thing Apple should do is create a few samples to test out the product. After that it needs to get verified and create the final product. Then it is important to advertise the product, get it into the stores, and hopefully to the consumers. The estimated time it would take to accomplish this would be around 16 months. It is significant to acquire developers to help on establishing the product, and different specialize people to help on specific departments. Everything would be estimated to cost about 1.9 million dollars.

The product will be developed into one of the many phones apple carries. The idea is to create a phone that has long lasting battery and display. The phone will have better technology since it will be using batteries from nanobatteries (smaller structures that are tinier than structures currently used on phones) to develop more useful materials. The feature will benefit consumers since it allows the phone to last longer and be more productive. It will satisfy consumers desires. Most people now a day rely mostly on their phone to solve their responsibilities and errands.

The consumers can purchase the products on stores like the Apple store, best buy, etc. The feature differentiates us from competitors since many are not offering long lasting batteries and new features on their products. The packaging will be like the previous products, a display of the phone in a white box with the logo and brand name on the sides of the package. The warranties Apple has is guarantee a one-year warranties for the phone. The test marketing for the project will be to have test groups review and test it the phone. They will take the product with them for a few weeks and provide improvements. We will then study the feedback received.

Apple does two different types of pricing which include “premium pricing” and “freemium pricing”. The premium pricing includes “offering products at a premium, which is the quantity that is applied in addition to the normal price” (Greenspan). While freemium pricing is “premium” and “free” combined, in some instances the product is free, but “the consumers pays to access more, superior, and improved features” (Greenspan).

The pricing idea is to offer better pricing than most competitors and provide them with the best products. Price for the phone will be around $800. The pricing structure will be competitive, and the target market is going to support the pricing since its close to other products in the market. Demand from the consumers will be big due the new features being offered. Lowering the price would make the product be more demanded, while raising it would drop the demand. Competitors would try to match the current price apple has. Some promotions/sales would occur during a couple month of the year like buying one and getting the other free.

Currently Apple has different ways to distribute its products. One of the main one is the Apple Store which are the high-class stores to buy their products. Which is why staff play a big role in distributing. Staffs who are cooperative and help consumers understand the products help sell the products. There are also selected associates of Apple that are responsible for its distribution. By maintaining “lesser trade partners, Apple has the benefit of lesser difficulty on distribution and hence its focus more on research and development” (Bhasin). E-commerce is a strong retailing outlet for selling its products. All of this distribution will extremely help the product be sold. A new distribution that should be added to acclimate the product would be the store layout. Since Apple has an elite collection of products, the store layout should be accessible with a lot of space for consumers to glance the products

The objectives for organization is to promote through marketing and advertisement. It is valuable to show consumers why the need a phone with lasting battery and better display. The total budget for promotion will be $500,000. About 50% will go into demonstrating and explaining what the product is. 45% will be used for advertising and marketing the product. While 5% will be used to inform our employees about the product. The role of promotion is important since most people do not about the product. The ratio of this would be more towards the advertising than the sale promotions. Types of sale promotion would be coupons and rewards programs. It is significant to have a good relationship with the consumers.What needs to be done is to come up with a financial plan, create different models, marketing, advertising, promotions, campaigns. While also coming up with the launching dates and evaluate the reviews on the product. The estimated budget for accomplishing this will be at around 1.6 million. It will be done by Apple’s employees, CEO’s, developers, evaluators, marketers and the advertising crew. Everything should take about a year and a few months depending on the process. The models will be created first, approved, then begging creating advertisements. However, if there is a problem along the way we will make the necessary modifications. The result will be measured by looking at the market share and doing some sale analysis. The people in charge for managing and supervising the marketing plan will be the financial crew.

Apple will develop a new phone that will be built to have long lasting battery, better display, and new features. Marketing and advertising is a big priority as well making sure we sell the right amount of phones. The products can be found at retail stores as well as the Apple stores. With this product we are hoping to rise our sale by 25% and take the top spot in the market share. We also expect to build and have a strong relationship with the consumers by providing them the best products and customer services.

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