The Leader of the Afro-American Unity

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Malcolm X Little was born on May 19, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska. His death date was in February 21, 1965, he died in New York. Malcolm Little when he was a child he was not the oldest, nor the youngest. Malcolm was actually the middle child fourth child out of 8. He was the smartest child out of all. The school we went to get his education was West Junior High School. His father tried to help his african american people change the world. But his dad was murdered, Malcolm was just like his father but more active in his work.

Malcolm X as a young man dropped out of high school soon after a white teacher told him that practicing and studying law as an aspiration is not a realistic goal for a nigger. He then moves to New York and in the Harlem City in 1943 he got engaged into pimping, gambling, and dealing drugs.

Three years later he goes to jail and he meets a convicted man named John Bembry. While he was in prison he had a big thing for reading. His siblings wrote him and was telling him about the Nation of Islams. The Nation of Islams is basically a religious movement that’s relatively new in America. His brother Reginald wrote him in 1948 he, told him Malcolm shouldn’t eat pork anymore nor smoke any cigarettes. Reginald is trying to help Malcolm out of prison. That’s when malcolm refused pork and stopped himself from smoking. Reginald would tell Malcolm about the group teachings and that the brief talk was about the whites being devils. Malcolm X while he was in prison he wrote the president. He wrote President Truman stating his expression about the Korean War and all so demanding himself as a communist. He later than sooner Mr. Little became part of the Nation Of Islam.

He worked for the Nation Of Islam recruiting members. Later working for the Nation Of Islam he also was a spokesperson. He spoke about how black people are the original people of the world, that white people are devils, and about black people are superior to the whites. Some black and many white people were alarmed to Malcolm’s statement during that time. The Nation Of Islam were called names by some people. They were described as hatemongers, black supremacists and violence-seekers.

Malcolm X was apart of the civil rights movement. The goal of the civil rights movement was to end the right to vote of the African Americans. It got in the way because Malcolm X was a member of the Nation Of Islam. The members of the Nation Of Islam didn’t like any members including themselves in voting or in the political process. Most of the civil rights organizations was against him. Malcolm was confused about some things.

In 1963 he declared a march ” the farce of Washington. He didn’t know why so many black people were excited about a demonstration that was ran by white people in front of a statue of a president who has been dead over a hundred years. Who did not like us when he was alive. After this incident Malcolm X supported the separation between African American and the whites. The civil rights movement sadly fought against racial segregation. He pronounced that African Americans should return to Africa. He also stated that there should be a separate county to be created for only African Americans. He express his opinion on that black people should defend themselves and also to advance themselves “by any means necessary”

He soon had left the NOI. After he left the Nation Of Islam he found an organization called the Muslim Mosque Inc. It was an small organization after was assassinated. It was and Islamic organization. Two weeks later he had learned about the Sunni Muslims. There were several Sunni MUslims that encouraged him to learn about their faith, he then joined the sunni faith.

Later in the year on 1964 Malcolm X and the Nation Of Islam get into it. Malcolm starts getting death threats and intimidation from the organization he was apart of( Nation Of Islam). He was repeatedly threatened. Muhammad speaks with Minister Louis X( Louis Farrakhan) and states “people like malcolm should get their heads cut chopped off.”

The FBI was anonymously tipped. It says that Malcolm was going to get bumped off. He was sued, and he had to be vacated, and had a hearing. The hearing was to see if they could postpone the eviction. Before the hearing something bad had happened, there was a fire in the house and everything was destroyed. Multiple people wanted Malcolm Little dead. He was then shot after someone called him a nigger and had said to get your hands out of your pockets. A man had rushed to the crowd and shot him once in his chest with a sawed off gun. There were also two other males who ran towards the stage to fire off automatic handguns. The hospital malcolm was held in after getting shot was Columbia University Medical Center. Malcolm had shortly died at 3:30 pm.

The autopsy shows that he was shot 21 times in the chest, leg, left shoulder, and arms. The police knows who shot the gun. There were three shooters who shot at Malcolm X. It was the Nation Of Islam members who shot him. Talmadge Hayer was one of them he was badly beaten by the crowd before the police got there. Thomas Johnson and also Norman Butler. The next year in March all three men were convicted to the murder of Malcolm X. They also were all sentenced life in prison. Norman Butler was paroled in 1985 and took over Harlem Mosque. He also lives the rest of his life in “innocence” till he died in August 2009. Talmadge Hayer was also paroled in 2010. Johnson was let free in 1987.

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