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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The language between the two companies different because, IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) talks about them self in first person. NSPE (National Society of Professional Engineers) is talking about them self in third person. NSPE is using the language as talking about how engineers should hold them self’s in any given situation. The IEEE company is talking about them self in first person and how they will hold them self in any given situation. As you read the way the two companies different in language you can see who is more professional in the way that they hold them self and how they go about their actions.

There are a couple similarities between IEEE and NSPE and their code of ethics. Some similarities between the two are they both hold paramount the safety, health, and welfare of the public. (“Ethics,” 2014, p. 1) Another one is to avoid deceptive acts; Also, Engineers shall give credit to whom it is due to and will recognize the interest of others. (“Ethics,” 2014, p. 1) IEEE and NSPE also avoid injuring others in any maliciously or falsely actions (“Ethics,” 2014, p. 1). So, although they are different in many ways the two companies are a lot alike in other ways.
As you look at both of these companies both IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and NSPE (National Society of Professional Engineers) you can see that they have a lot in common. You can also see a lot of things are different. A couple of the major things that are different is that one company talks about them self in first person and how their company will do this and do that and how they will back it up if they mess something up. The other company is talking in third person and is more focused on how engineers should hold them self and how they should respond to any situation. This company is talking more about how all engineers should hold them self throughout their career.

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The Professional Organization I chose is SHRM or society for human resource management. SHRM is HR professionals that are responsible for adding value to the organizations they serve and are contributing to the ethical success of those organizations.

The intents of SHRM are to build respect, credibility and strategic importance in the organization that they play a hand in. Also, SHRM aims for the organization to achieve their goals that the organization set out to accomplish. SHRM also sets out to make positive workplaces and responsibility that is just a couple of their intents that they hold them self’s to. The guidelines of SHRM are they hold them self’s to the highest standards of professional and ethical behavior.
They also comply with the law as well as consistent values of profession. SHRM strives for the highest level of service, performance and social. In other words, SHRM holds them self in the highest level of everything that do that is just a little into their guidelines.

The leadership of SHRM are expected to maintain the highest level of ethical conduct the leaders of SHRM are to set the standard and to be a example to others, They are also to earn the respect of others and to gain the credibility with those they serve.

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SHEM is ethically responsible to promote and foster fairness and make sure all their employees have justice. The way they do that is by uniqueness and intrinsic worth of each individual. They also treat people with dignity, respect and compassion. SHRM ensures that every person has the opportunity to develop skills and new competencies.
The professionals of SHRM must hold the highest level of professionalism when it comes to conflicts of interest because they have to protect the interest of their stakeholders. SHRM should not engage in potential conflicts of interest or activities that create actual apparent.
I don’t believe I would want to add anything to their code of ethics I believe they have everything set in place for a good reason and SHRM seem to have a good system in place in order to accomplish what needs done.

Society for human resource management is a company that sets them self apart from every other company. They strive to do the best that they can do with anything they do the management of this company knows what they want, and they know how to get it. They also make sure they treat people fairly and give everybody a change to accomplish and learn new skills. The company also strives to protect the interest of their clients besides protecting the interest of their clients SHRM also strives to make a great and respectful work place for all who work with them.

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