The Hunting Ground, a Campus Rape Documentary

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Updated: Mar 07, 2023
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The documentary The Hunting Ground was masterfully created with a balanced use of ethos, pathos and logos. This documentary is about sexual assault that has affected many college campus’s all through the united states. This story begins with playing the song pomp and circumstances with students walking to get their diploma. It then cuts to the next seen where students that got raped before class even started. This documentary is a rally call for change for all women who have been affected with sexual assault.

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The documentary then tell us about women and their stories when they were raped on campuses throughout the USA. While watching this documentary most of the rapes that have happened were at bars and at sorority and fraternity parties where the women were intoxicated, which makes it very easy for guys to take advantage of them. How this would happen after the women are drunk or getting more drinks the guy would put some think in their drink that would make them pass out or a lot more drunk. The guy would then say they can sleep it off upstairs where they have a couch or a bed, and that is where the rape would happen. Most girls would wake up the next day wondering what had happen to them. At first, they are meaning the woman who were raped, did not want to talk about it. The just want to pretend that it did not happen, but over time it kept affected them more and more.

Eventually they would go report it to the collage or the police. During this documentary the women told us that the collages made it very hard to report what happened to them. Also, they told us that the collage was protecting the sports guy who committed the rape. They-the collages even told it was the women’s fault because there were dresses like a slut. The collages tried to pin it on the victim and not the person who committed the rape. During this documentary the women had and proven a lot of number showing that over 80% of women who were raped did not report it. From my perspective there are several things that women should do so it is not so easy for evil men to take advantage of women. First, I would have a lot of friends to ever see me if I got drunk. I am not a drinker or a person who attends bars, but I do know that you don’t accepted a drink from a random person, only accepted what have been given to you from the bar tender himself. Later, during this documentary they showed the front pages of collages saying it is the collage duty to help and protect the students. So why are so many collages not reporting sexual assault or making it hard for the students to report what is happening on campus.

In the National Public Radio by DAVID FOLKENFLIK he talks about how some of the number shown in the documentary car blow out of proportion. “A group of 19 Harvard law professors wrote that it ‘provides a seriously false picture both of the general sexual assault phenomenon at universities and of our student’ accused in a case depicted in the film.” They then go on and state “The filmmakers themselves are very clear they’re advocates, not journalists,’ said Emily Yoffe, a contributing editor at The Atlantic magazine who has written extensively on campus rape. ‘You are getting a one-sided version.” Later in the article it states, ‘When it comes to statistics, we have to look to the scientists and look at the discussion that’s going on among scientists,’ And [we should] not pay attention to people who might be pundits, because they’re not researchers. We should really rely on the researchers to give us guidance.’ In another article A Smoking-Gun-Email written by Stuart Taylor Jr. He states that this documentary is very miss leading and dishonest. At the end of the whole article he states that students should help out other students and not to the collages for help.

A lot of articles show different sides and what they think what should be done about the problem we are facing. There is a lot in this documentary I don’t like because they were throwing names of people who said they raped them. I say they are innocent until proven guilty that is what the laws of this land are. But I do believe things could improve with reporting and getting to the bottom of cases faster. It also states that a lot of athletes are getting away with rape because they are famous, and the school does not want to push charges. It also states that many collages don’t report rape because they will lose funding from the government and the supporters of the school, including the students attending the collage. When rape happens we as a community should help the victim as much as we can and have the law do the rest. I think we need to improve our collages and the people attending them. Also, when someone is accused of rape the collage should not just “give them a slap on the wrist”- The Hunting Ground movie. Things do need to change, and laws need to be passes to have just is delivered and help the victims. Personally if this happened to my kids I would get a private lawyer and not even go to the collages and go after the person who raped my kids. And if justice is not delivered I would then take matters into my own hands for the better or the worse.

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