The Hershey Company: a Brief History

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Hershey, who worked for 6 years without profits, decided to shut down his company and lost all his possessions. But desperation did not get him. He decided to travel across the states, moving from Denver to New York, Chicago, and New Orleans. Amel did not find him there again, returning to Pennsylvania with a torch that lit his way. He knew an important secret in the candy world: that the best kinds of sweets made from “fresh milk”, although he lost the confidence of many around him because of his frequent failure and the situation The bad material that reached him was only his dream as N is too big to be destroyed and greater than to be buried, with a determined desire and determination that will enable him to get the support of his mother’s family and one of the investors to give him money to start a new business. Briton brought to Milton a large order of caramel candy could then develop his company to be one of the largest caramel companies in the United States at the time.

Hershey, who was passionate about success, found another way to broaden his horizons in the candy world when he visited a German exhibition of chocolate equipment and devices in Chicago in 1893, realizing that chocolate was a staple food for some and was not just crap like caramel. He decided to sell Lancaster Caramel for $ 1 million And buy chocolate dispensers and devices, to start production effectively and successfully

Hershey, who was described as ambitious for the better, bought his family farm in Pennsylvania to launch a company he called Hershey Chocolate in 1905 and then set up his own town, where he found workers’ homes, amusement parks, and a box office. To the bank, schools, and hospital, and also put in place laws governing the city and ensure security and safety, and even today, we find the city of Hershey tourism industry maintains its prosperity

Hershey’s fortune quickly surged, and he personally spent part of it in the charity business that still remains in the United States as an orphanage and a school for security and education. In 1945, Milton Hershey died at the age of 88, the man who made the failure a ladder that brought him to his goal and exploited the obstacles to sharpen his abilities to his desired dream

With a net worth of $22,69B. The Hershey Company is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of chocolate and candy products such as Hershey’s Kisses, Hershey’s Chocolate bars etc.. as well as manufacturing different brands such as Reese’s, Whoppers, Almond joy & Twizzlers. Hershey’s products are sold in over 70 different countries around the globe.

In spite of Hershey’s Company efforts to establish a workplace that strives to conduct business in both fair & ethical manners, the company still struggled with ethical issues regarding the West African cocoa industry’s unfair & unsafe treatment towards labor workers more specifically, child labors. In order to understand this issue in depth, it’s very important to understand the amount of intensive labor work put in ]the process of making chocolate, before the ingredients finally arrive at the manufacturing plant where it gets manufactured as the chocolate we know & love. To produce only one pound of chocolate around 400 Cocoa beans are needed, so the very first step in this process is harvesting the main source, a fruit called Cocoa Pod, also known as the Theodroma Cacao, In order to extract the Cocoa beans from within the fruit, labor workers must split the pod in half using Machetes and other sharp objects. after extracting the beans, they have to lay it out for several days under the sun so it could dry out to acquire the chocolate flavor, after that the cocoa beans are ready to be collected then shipped overseas. Although the stages required in making chocolate can go up to 12 different stages before its received by the chocolate manufacturers, most of the major legal and ethical issues are related to Cocoa communities in West Africa.

West Africa supplies 70% of The global cocoa market, which increases the demand of labor workers very high yet, unfortunately it has caused a lot of major issues across the African border such as child labor, slavery & even human trafficking. Studies estimate that two-thirds of African farms use child labor ages ranging from 12 to 5 years old.

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