The Great Changes during French Revolution

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Updated: Dec 26, 2019
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The Great Changes during French Revolution essay

The time of the revolutions brought great changes to what they were focused towards. The French revolution happened in the late 18th century in France to get rid of the King or Absolute Monarch from having control of France. The people of France took action upon themselves to dethrone the King and have him execute him for the crimes he has committed as a war was waged with other countries. These actions lead to the Reign of Terror that became a bloody and gruesome phase for France to push through and ended with the rise of the Napoleonic era.

The main circumstances that lead to the start of the French Revolution were the storming of the Bastille Fortress and the execution of King Louis XVI. The Bastille Fortress in 1789, the fortress used as a storeroom for gunpowder but would usually hold prisoners. The Bastille was stormed and captured in July 14th, 1789 by thousands of armed peasants. This can be seen in “”So, on July 14th, 1789, nearly a thousand peasants arrived, armed to the teeth and prepared to lay siege to the fortress. The garrison was tiny compared to the mob, the prison was no longer functioning as anything other than a symbol of tyranny and a place for nearly retired soldiers to spend their time. With only around one hundred soldiers, the prison was forced to negotiate for their own safety.

The governor of the prison, Bernard-Rene de Launay tried to see what he could do with the French patriots, but his negotiation skills were near useless when compared to their fervor.””( Hale, 2017, p. 11). This quote is about how the peasants stormed the castle to get rid of the last symbol of tyranny in Paris and bring a start to the revolution. This ties back to the fact that the storming was used to rid of any signs of tyranny and get any gunpowder stored there for the war that would be waged against them. Another circumstance that tipping point in the French revolution is the execution of King Louis the XVI for the suspicion of treason. The King was suspected of treason for trying to leave France for Austria while incarcerated by the National Assembly. This action leads to his demise when Austria and Prussia wage war against France. This can be seen in “”…””(Shutter, 1996, p. 1).

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