The Ethical Dilemma in Implanting the VeriChip Inside the Human Body

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Updated: Nov 16, 2022
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In today’s age computer are everything from shopping to interacting with people to securing top secret government information. We use computers for everything. But has it gone to far? The “VeriChip” is a chip that can be implanted within the skin enabled with and RFID chip to transmit data to specialized scanners. Some employers are considering enforcing their employees to be implanted with these chips if they have a higher level of security clearance but there is a big ethics thing that is preventing the moving forward of the requirement. Not only could this cause damage to the body, but could in fact be less secure than traditional security measures. The chip could be put in your uniform for example instead of causing you to have a surgical incision into your body. It is simply in-ethical to require somebody to put a foreign object in their body to be employed.

Traditionally, high clearance areas would be secured with a keypad, of RFID reader to read the RFID chip that would be implanted in something such as a company ID card. By implanting the chip inside of your employee, you are not really improving anything. Speaking situational, if your employee is kidnapped by a foreign agency they can FORCE them to hold still and it would be much easier for the foreign to just remove the chip from the employee and the then have access to the information that the implantation of this chip was supposed to keep safe. Whereas on the traditional spectrum, the cant FORCE the employee to speak their access code. Therefore, proving why traditional security measures could be more effective than implanting a chip.

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Implanting foreign objects within the body never leads to anything good. Your body is make just perfectly to perform the functions that it needs to perform. Implanting a foreign object such as this chip into the body may hinder its capability to perform. Not only can it damage your body but it may be against your religion. Some religions preach against altering your body in any way, therefore including the implantation of this chip into your body. The United States gives the freedom of religion; therefore, it would be considered unethical to require your employee to break their religion to maintain their job.

Requirement of implantation of chips into body is unethical. Not only do the chips pose a higher security risk than traditional security systems, they could also make people choose between their job and religion. I hope that companies see the flaws with ethics if they are considering switching to having the chips implanted into their employees.

The Ethical Dilemma in Implanting the VeriChip Inside the Human Body essay

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