The E-Commerce and Cyber Security

The wish is the online e-commerce company that will provide the opportunity for all shoppers to find their favourite wordrobe online in all of the world. Their wardrobe could be included dresses, skirts, jeans and etc…. This company was founded in 2010 and also have the App for their over 100 million users on the iOS and android platform.

The E-Commerce servers for this company is located in four cites internationally, two are in the USA, the headquarter in Alexandria and another area in Sanfrancisco, one is in Europe which is in Venice and one is in Asia in Delhi.

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As manager of web development team which maintains all mission critical servers that support the web application and all data base related to the products information, prices, all online payments. We have determined 4 cluster nodes that we utilize them for load balancing. These nodes are located in 4 cities, two in U.S.A and one is in Europe, and one is in Asia.

These Nodes are in cities and countries are as follows:

Node1: City Alexandria Country USA

Node2: City Sanfrancisco Country USA

Node3: City Venice Country Italy

Node4: City Delhi Country India

Each of these cities are connected to each other and get the daily updates from the headquarter located in Alexandria.In all these places they set up TCPDUMP in a way to let the team that every day would be able to analyze the traffic in real time with utilizing of Wireshark. One of the team member warned us about the potential SQL attack found in Alexandria, USA. The alarm monitoring system demonstrated a huge amount of activities related to the port 40452 which exhibits the changing path from index.php page to login.php page.

The port 40452 actually shows as sign of SQL injection attack. Since we are depend on these sites we cannot shut down all e-commerce activities due the attack. TCP port 40452 uses the Transmission Control Protocol. TCP is one of the fundamental conventions in TCP/IP systems. TCP is an association arranged convention, it expects handshaking to set up end-to-end correspondences. Just when an association is set up client’s information can be sent bi-directionally finished the association.

TCP ensures conveyance of information bundles on port 40452 in a similar request in which they were sent. Ensured correspondence over TCP port 40452 is the principle contrast amongst TCP and UDP. UDP port 40452 would not have ensured correspondence as TCP.

Network Topology

For the Network Set up, we could use the Mesh Topology because Mesh topology is the most fault tolerant network topology between others. In Mesh Topology, every network node connected to each other separately and in the case of shutdown or failure one node, we still have other nodes that are available and it would not affect the availability for our clients. One of the advantage of this topology can be the ability to tolerate the high traffic. Extension and adjustment can be done without interrupting other nodes in the network. In the Figur1.1 at below we depicted the Network Topology for Wish Company E-Commerce servers in 4 different places and also in the figure1.2, we illustrated the sample of detection attacks in a Network.

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