The Different Things about Globalization

During the 1800’s, a time where technology wasn’t that effective and it would take days to months to communicate or send a message, whereas today it only takes seconds for a message to be sent. Since the 1800’s the way people communicate has changed slowly over time with technology becoming more advanced and new ideas being brought up in society. This change is called globalization. Globalization is the process of building, expanding, and making businesses and technologies all around the world. Globalization is meant to expand many businesses to many global markets around and throughout the world.Also, globalization has many other factors to it such as “international trade and cross-border investment flows that are the main elements of global integration” (Chaturverdi). International trade impacts the economy because its gives the country a way to share and get the resources it needs to keep running.The benefits of globalization have been widespread in many nations with a number of people realizing how those benefits affected them. For example, many people in these countries and the United States have abused these benefits by making free trade agreements (FTA) to “reduce the barriers to trade between two or more countries, which are in place to help protect local markets and industries” (Grimson). This means that these free trade agreements allow markets to expand their businesses and increase in customers or buyers. Also, different countries are able to access any information and/or products they wasn’t able to reach before which also can help make markets better.Another important thing that is necessary for globalization is technology. Technology such as phones, laptops, and/or transportation. Phones and laptops have become an important factor because they help make it easier for people to access information and communicate with others around the world. Also, because of the improvement of phones and laptops they are used for education and sometimes to make payments and such. Technology can also “drive the change in global business strategies and improve international coordination” (Tan). Without technology many things would be harder than it shouldn’t be.However, the aftermaths of globalization are important too. Many people have been in negative situations and have been taken advantage of. For example, Nike sweatshops in Indonesia, a company that benefits the U.S. It is known that people that work in the apparel industry are often mistreated and have lower pay wages. They also have “higher expectations from the public: thus, global corporations need to show an interest in environmental protection, human rights, country regulations, etc.” (Manolica). This goes to show that companies and businesses can take advantage of other countries, especially 3rdworld countries because they do not have a limit on how low a worker can be paid.In conclusion, because of how globalization impacts my life I am able to live a comfortable life. From the technology I use to the clothes I wear that was made and/or shipped from a different country are the positive things about globalization. Another positive thing about globalization is I can also communicate to many of my friends that moved to Hawaii and many other places. Personally, without globalization many of us wouldn’t be exposed to different cultures and ideas, and would have probably never known what it would be like to experience something new.

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