“The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak

In the novel the book thief the author wants to create an image in your mind about what is happening in the book. He gives a great deal of detail. Throughout the book the author wants the reader to see that words are not just an idea or story, but a power to control a person’s mind or action.

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Liesel Meminger, shows that literature can mean much more than a bunch of words on paper, but the power to help people, for example, reading helps relieve stress or trouble. Bad nightmares occurred during Liesel’s first few days at the Hubermann household. Hans read to her almost every night to get her nightmares away, “”Hans Hubermann sat sleepy-eyed on the bed and Liesel would cry into his arms and breathe him in, 37 you could almost taste the cigarettes by smelling Han’s body. Words evolved through the ages unlocking lockstep with humankind. Literature themselves are merely identified as certain objects, ideas, or actions, but have advanced us and saved us. Although it’s more rare for words to physically save people, it’s still possible.

Throughout The Book Thief, the power of words is displayed. Numerous people of the time use these words to their own benefit or to manipulate others. Max Vandenburg, a Jewish boy on the move from the war, tries to not be captured and lives with the guilt of surviving. He makes use of words to comfort him and express his emotions. He also understands the strength of words and how potent they can be. Max Vandenburg is a survivor because he is resourceful, persevering and strong.

He is resourceful by his imagination and optimistic views. He makes use of the debt owed by Hans Hubermann that resulted from the sacrifice of his father. Max’s question for Hans assured him that Hans was a safe resource that he could use for his survival. Max finds entertainment in the simple things such as books and newspaper crosswords. Max is resourceful in developing pages for stories he makes by “”cutting out a collection of pages from Mein Kampf and painting over them in white 223. Doing this Max creatively makes pages for a story that he can exemplify his views of the world with. Max improvises a story and uses his individuality and power of words to optimize his resources.

In the ultimate version of reality, unintentionally, humans throw powerful words around not knowing how much of a big impact they can cause on an individual person or situation. “”Words can hold [an] enormous weight, sometimes more than we [one may] think, they often impact people for decades, providing the courage to move on or another reason to give up”” Haytt. Some may believe that “”actions speak better than words”” however, words can have an immense feeling and impact on anyone or in any situation. In the novel The Book Thief, words are used to a point where they are very powerful. They have the ability to either create or strengthen relationships, as they did with Liesel Meminger and Max Vandenburg, Liesel Meminger and Hans Hubermann and Liesel Meminger and Ilsa Hermann. Words can even overcome a set of individuals or an entire nation, this is demonstrated by Adolf Hitler taking over Germany by simply giving speeches. Powerful words also help overcome difficult situations as Markus Zusak clearly illustrated within the characters in the novel. During The Book Thief, Zusak clearly illustrates the impact of how powerful words can be.

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