The Black Panther Became the Black Panther

The Black Panther became the black panther because he’s very Strong,Speedy,Agility, Stamina( A lot of energy),Reflexes, and Superhuman Senses and his claws can rip through most likely anything .If the Black panther uses to much energy he would get much slower and also a lot weaker which makes it easier for enemies to attack or get away from him.

The suit is the main thing that helps him when it comes to fighting and defeating his enemies.A lot of the Black Panther’s abilities are a lot same as Spider Man’s abilities cause the Black panther can walk on water climb walls/buildings.The Black panther is most likely a cat so he can survive a fall like an cat cause cats have nine lives.The Black panther doesn’t go anywhere without the suit which actually turns into a necklace.He also can teleport to places very quickly and also when he needs to get out of a fight.

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The black panther isn’t considered the type of person to make friends or be a team player cause when he says something really mean he gets to confident cause he has his suit on and sometimes is a risk and could be a weakness to him.He can also detect sounds that no person could hear so he’s kinda hard to out run if your trying to sneak attack him.His spirits also help him in fight when he needs them.His other weakness is magic cause he doesn’t have that much protection from that cause of how powerful magic can be so if there would be a magical person or something then the Black panther’s out of luck.But without his suit he’s basically a regular human with a lot of weaknesses.

The Black panther can lift a lot of weight but sooner or later he has to stop cause his suit can only do much damage.His suit also heals him when he gets cut or something really bad and it also keeps him away from any diseases.But the heart shaped herb is the one doing all the healing and stuff.The heart shaped herb is a kinda heart shaped flower that glows and is a plant of course that is also purple

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