The Americans for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ASPCA


Service learning and community partnership incorporates academic learning into service projects that becomes more common and popular in today’s community. What it does is teaches us about the history and needs of the agency being helped as well as seeing positive changes that their involvement makes. Just by incorporating different aspects of learning into community service, we can become invested in their work and more likely to stay committed to the cause.

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The cause of the agency is to help animals that are in need which are being abused. The benefits for students and the community when partnering in service learning opportunities are where students get the chance to engage in th4e community while also gaining practical skills relevant to their coursework and community-based organization supplied with additional volunteers for their programs. The following benefits are as follows:

Spreading the organization’s message Building a relationship with other organizations Accessing new perspectives Pique students interest in the non-profit and social impact space

No matter what, in life we going to have some challenges when it come to some things that we either go through or do in life. So therefore when it comes to some challenges students may face as to service-learners in the community, you have to think about the awareness of those challenges that is associated with service-learning projects as also ways to overcome those challenges to ensure an effective service-learning experience for all participants ( Students may experience time constraints where they want have time to participate in the service-learning project. Along with that they can take on the role of interns as opposed to active participants resulting in dissatisfaction with the work. Since the ASPCA developed in 2007, the partnership has been a multi-year collaboration between the ASPCA and local organizations in communities across the United States (www.aspcapro.cor).

The ASPCA partnership includes others such as Albuquerque-area animal welfare agencies (the city of Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department) and the Animal Humane New Mexico which is a private non-profit animal welfare agency. Benefits of those agencies is to have access to ASPCA resources, expertise and guidance including the strategic planning support, statistical analysis, training, and participants in ground-breaking research projects ( From my understanding all participants remain to be with ASPCA, although they are no longer soliciting new communities to join their partnership program.

ASPCA volunteers gives vital loving care to the animals at the adoption center which is in New York City Upper East Side. Their volunteers make a positive difference by enriching the animals time at the shelter and helping to place them in a new home. In order to volunteer, you have to:

All volunteer opportunities are located in New York City, so as for those that are not able to do so in this city need to contact the local animal welfare organizer to find a shelter near to volunteer at. In order to volunteer, must do application online for that is the only access to one that is on a quarterly basis which is the first week of March, June, and December. Volunteers have to be at least 16. Volunteers have to be able to commit to at least eight hours per month for a minimum of six months (this is due to extensive training requirements) without short-term volunteers or group projects ( Students that in need of community service hours should apply to the volunteer program during regular quarterly application being committed to a regular weekly schedule and one weekday afternoon each week for six months (

The difference between volunteering and service learning at ASPCA is this:


Education Tangential and unintentional (Harrington, 2017) Skill level Unskilled or skilled volunteers Time commitment Any range of time Career opportunities counts as professional experience Community ties less structure in place to be explicitly educated on the local community Travel sometimes blended with travel Work voluntary; no compensation. Some programs charge participation fees

Service learning


Learning is the goal and classroom sessions are purposely integrated

Skill level

Requires skilled

Time commitment

Typically one semester to a full year

Career opportunities good launching point for career in that field.

Community ties stronger focus on working with and learning about the local community

Travel sometimes blended with travel

Work voluntary; no compensation you may have to pay for the educational component

In conclusion, ASPCA partnerships is focused on creating a country of humane communities to where animals receive the compassion and respect them deserve as well as there is no more euthanasia of homeless animals because of lack of resources. Volunteers are used wisely as to age, time frame, and so forth. The benefits of the service is to help save animals that in need of a good healthy home where they can be treated right. As for the challenges is trying to get the community on board to making sure the animals are well taken care of. Being an ASPCA guardian, you can help fight cruelty and give animals a second chance to living a abuse free life (

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