Issues Teen Mothers Face

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Updated: Jul 03, 2021
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Issues Teen Mothers Face essay

“Did you know in 2017, 194,377 babies were born to woman the age of 15-19 years? The U.S. teen pregnancy rate is higher than in other western industrialized nations. These young girls will undoubtedly encounter many hardships during and after their pregnancy. Adolescent pregnancy is a very typical occurrence for young girls to drop out of school. Teen pregnancy can affect teen mothers financial life decisions as well and it is far more prevalent for teen pregnancies to be the result of family conflict or domestic altercations being a confounding factor in the high rate of adolescents expecting. The children of these mothers are more likely to have more health and behavioral problem than a child born to a more developed woman.

Along with the hardship of early motherhood, many do not have the hands on assistance or guidance to the correct upbringing and teachings of a child. For example, one of my friends had a baby a few months ago. Her mother kicked her out and she is raising the baby with a little bit of help from her step mother. She is only 15, she has to work to take care of her daughter, herself, and finish school. I asked what was her next objective after school and taking care of the baby. She told me “she would have to just get a job.” By the age of 22, approximately 50% of teen mothers finish and graduate high school.

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Adolescents who are going to bare a child go through changes physically and mentally progressively. Having the child can cause them to gain weight. cause stress, mood swings, physical pain, etc.. Being that the mother is still young themselves, having the baby would cause them to slow down in life. These mothers may not be able to have the same privileges as some other girls who are not teen mothers. In some cases the father may not be in the child’s life, this leaves all the stress on the mother. Teenagers have hormones and that might also be a reason they stress. Judgement from their peers may also be a reason for a teen mother to be depressed or have postpartum depression.

Postpartum depression is a mood disorder that can affect women after giving birth. “Postpartum Depression Facts,” it states “Mothers with postpartum depression experience feelings of extreme sadness, anxiety, and exhaustion that may make it difficult for them to complete daily care activities for themselves or for others.” (NIMH, april 2019). So you could see why it would be harder for these teen mothers to function at school or to have a job. After a mother has given birth their level of hormones drop very quick in her body drops and leads to a chemical change in the brain that causes her moods to be up and down.

These young women would more likely depend on government aid like food stamps. Teen mothers most likely came from poverty. Wanting to feed their children would make them more likely to lean toward government assistance to help them.

The children of the adolescents are more likely to fall behind in school, have mental illness/disorders, dyslexia, or hyperactivity. They are more likely to live in poverty and endure large percentages of abuse and neglect that would develop if their mothers deferred childbirth. Sons of adolescence moms are 13% more likely to end up in prison and their daughters are 22% more likely to bear children as a teenager themselves. “Teenage Births: Outcomes for Young Parents and their Children,” it states, “The poverty rate for children born to teenage mothers who never married and who did not graduate from high school is 78%. This compares to 9% of children born to women over age 20 who are currently married and did graduate from high school.” (The Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy, December 2008). Though few manage to draw out a good life for themselves and their kids, it is possible. Adolescent parents often see that caring for the child makes it hard for them to continue their education.”

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