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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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In time technology has evolved over the years because of its advancements, which enabled us humans to do things that were previously unheard of and it has certainly made many things easier than they were before. In our present day society people cannot deny that the advancement of technology has changed today’s world in both positive and negative ways. Humans all over the world use and benefit from it, technology has also improved the world and has benefited humans in many ways by minimizing the access that many people need in their everyday lives such as, educational, and through communication. Furthermore, its important to understand that humans have made sure on making technology helpful in our littlest areas of our lives. It is becoming like the food we eat because we cannot do without and so we have to continuously keep using technology to ensure that we remain alive. Although it has benefited us, us as a humans race constantly utilize these technological devices too much and it’s becoming a problem because it’s taking away our ability of doing things physically and the way we think about the things we do in our day to day lives.

Over the past few decades technology has started becoming very popular because of the new developments that arised. Carr gives the understanding on how, “The more they use the Web, the more they have to fight to stay focused on a long piece of writing” (Carr 2). Carr perpetuates how the capability we as human beings have to stay focused and concentrate has, in some ways became lost since we are more dependent on utilizing these configuration of technological contrivances. These devices act to us as gestures so it would be virtually right to verbalize that we are losing the faculty to cerebrate for ourselves. Therefore, these things hold much value in our lives because we have become too reliant on it. Furthermore, this goes to show that even though us humans made these technological developments and continuously advance and design them in many different forms of devices. As a nation can obviously understand that we rely on these devices to do almost everything that our past people did for themselves without the use of technology. Carr informs his audience on how he tends to “Get fidgety, lose the thread, begin looking for something else to do” (Carr 1). He begins to address the issues he has faced while trying to get something done because he has become too comfortable with the technology so now he’s starting to struggle with his concentration when it comes to focusing on one thing.

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Nowadays, individuals cannot deny the fact that the amount of people who focus on books and articles aren’t able to stay focused; instead of fluctuating people rather focus on trying to retrieve their knowledge from their technological device. Whereas, very few people read books from the web to gain their knowledge thanks to the courtesy of technology. Kelly expresses how “When robots and automations do it basic work, making it relatively easy for us to be fed, clothed, and sheltered” (Kelly 11). This evidently goes to show how we have become increasingly reliant on technology and how we aren’t allowing ourselves to progress. For instance, the number of smartphones, computers, and tablets we have now, we no longer use a pen and paper to write things down anymore. We went from writing things down like, a grocery list, notes, or just something simply to typing it on our phones because it seem more convenient for us. Therefore, it has become very evident that these technological advances has became an irremovable part in our lives and how its becoming an ongoing issue. Moreover, supports his previous thought by saying “The real revolution erupts when everyone has personal workbots, the descendants of Baxter, at their beck and call” (Kelly 11)”. Giving everybody the ability to have a personal robot by their hands would cause a multitude of things, people now are so caught up in their phone and other devices. Furthermore, Kelly talking about the “real revolution” the revolution where human being become even more lazy than they already are because of technology or the revolution were humans understand that technology is a problem and we need to come together as a nation try to fix it.

Nevertheless, technology is like feeding candy to a baby, knowing that it going to have both good and bad sides. Others may argue that, due to the utilization of technology our relational abilities with each other has changed this world immensely. Individuals are using the web to discover a large number of approaches to communicate. Carr recognized that “ Research that wants required days in the stacks or periodical rooms of libraries can now be done in minutes”(Carr 1). Withal Carr wants his readers to understand that because of the amount of access and privileges to the internet we have, we don’t need to spend all of our time sitting in a library reading through long books and articles to find information anymore. The internet has taken over and in just one click you could have all the information you needed, instead of endeavoring through a multitude of different books. Moreover, Kelly addresses how “Our human assignment will be to keep making jobs for robots — and that is a task that will never be finished. So we’ll always have at least that one “job.”’(Kelly 12). This is exactly why technological devices has become a problem because instead of humans trying to do their jobs and get things done themselves we tend to look forward to technology to doing it for us. For instance, everything that has been done in this world has been significantly came from the usage of technology because it helped improve the service of things in many ways.

In conclusion, it is evident that technology has become a fundamental part of our lives and because of it we can’t seem so live without it. Technology has become our everyday lives and we have increasingly become dependent on its use. Because of this it’s great to ascertain that humans need stop associating ourselves with technology. The development of technology has caused our brains and avoid the reliance we have towards technological devices.

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