Suicide and Depression

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Updated: May 17, 2019
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Every year thousands of people take their own life. People (especially teenagers) have depression and causes them to feel lonely and makes them feel like they don’t have a purpose in the world. There is a lot of problems that teens go through that most people don’t see which can lead to teen suicide. Such as stress, cyberbullying, and in some cases it includes family issues. These problems may seem too hard or embarrassing to overcome. For some, suicide may seem like a solution.

The teen years are a stressful time. They are filled with major changes. These include changes in feelings, thoughts, and body changes. Strong feelings of stress, confusion, fear, and doubt may influence a teen’s problem-solving and decision-making. Changes in thoughts can affect a teen’s life because in the teen years the teen’s brain develops and it makes their mind struggle with little problems that could easily be solved. Body changes makes people see what they really look like. (Especially girls) most teens and adults get insecure about how they look. And since body changes makes people insecure, in some cases it has them trying to change their look. Sometimes people go to far with their look and sometimes it could be dangerous. There are always ways to feel less stressed such as talking to someone, writing, finding new hobbies, and so much more. You just have to find a way to take control.

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Although stress has a lot to do with suicide, bullying has caused kids and teens to want to take their life. Not just any bullying, but cyberbullying is another reason why kids take their lives. Sometimes it’s not the cyberbullied who is getting mainly affected it is the cyberbully who is affected. Cyberbullies are a big issue in suicide because their causing people to feel bad about themselves and maybe it’s not their fault which leads to more problems. Cyberbullying is most of the time caused by when the cyberbully was bullied once and wants revenge, they feel they won’t get caught, feel they need to fit in and have no other choice. When someone gets mistreated later on when they grow they will start to get angry for all that pain. Of course they don’t want to get in trouble so in their minds cyberbullying is the answer. Which moves on to the next one. Don’t think because you have something on private or you delete something doesn’t mean you won’t get caught. Now a days everything is recorded or because you delete something than it’s gone forever, that’s false. Anything can get traced back to you and you can get in a lot of trouble for it. Especially if someone takes their life. Teens think that in high school their reputation means everything. And that they need to fit in and keep up with the latest trends. There are kinda like groups in elementary, middle, and high school. Unfortunately there is always a bad group. Those people would try to persuade you to do something not the best choice. Sometimes you would want to fit in so bad and get popular that you listen and face the consequences. It kills the true person inside and makes them feel guilty. Long story short if you ever try to cyberbully just know you’ll get caught and think why you are doing it and try to find another to solve the problem.

Family. Families can be tough to deal with just because the adults have the power and sometimes make not so good choices which impacts the entire family. Suicide can be caused by family because of divorces, deaths, and possibly moving into new places. Marriage is a very happy moment in life were two people find love for each other and want to be together forever so they make it official. Sometimes there aren’t so much lucky couples and get a divorce for several reasons. It doesn’t just affect them but mostly the kids if they had some. Of course they split up and in some cases the kids would have to choose between them and that’s like asking who’s your favorite parent. Which puts a lot of pressure on the kid and they feel it’s too much. No one ever wants a loved one to pass away. That’s why if there is a case where that does happen it affects every single person who knew that loved one. In some cases there is when someone says, “if they go then I go.” And that just makes matters worse. Moving into a new place can be caused by divorces or just that your family needs a change. Sometimes it could be exciting or it could be terrible. Hopefully it’s not terrible but if it is it can impact them into suicide because meeting new friends, adjusting new neighborhood, and so much more. For teens it could get emotional and they want to go back to their old friends and home. It could cause anger in the teens were if they can’t go back they go a different way. It’s good to try to prepare yourself for the worse because families can be messy.

This writing was trying to tell you that whether your a parent, teen, or a child about to get in teen years that suicide should never be an option. If you are going through any of these problems just know you’re not alone. I won’t hurt to ask for help because if you do then most likely it will be solved and everything would go back to normal. If you know anyone who is going through pain than help them and who knows, maybe you could save a life.

Suicide and Depression essay

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