Substance Abuse and Family Struggles

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People that suffer from substance abuse have a hard time going through rehab therapy due to the lack of support from family members. I believe that family members should join family therapy because there is always something new that a person can learn about themselves. Also, families can also learn something new about other family members. What are some of the issues surrounding substance abuse? Substance abuse affects the lively hood of a person, it also can affect a person’s financial stability, relationships with family members and sibling relationships. Substance abuse can also lead to more critical situations that can affect the body like the mental capacity of a person. According to (wed Md) one of the permanent issues of substance abuse is memory loss. Can substance abuse change the outlook on family relationships? Yes, for example Jealously plays a huge part in family dynamic situations. For example, if jealously strikes in sibling-based relationships, it’s been proven that the second child is always considered the odd individual of the family which they are more prone to doing a crime.

Another example, my brother Phillip always felt like he was the black sheep of my family because my oldest brother had dreams and aspirations that he accomplished my brother Phillip was also jealous because my bother Elisha went to college and made something of his life, he still struggles with that today he would rather see little for his life then see greater for his future. How can family therapy improve family relationship’s? It can help family members learn how to approach situations better instead of disregarding issues and shutting down opinions about certain situations. I think family members need to communicate more with each other and share situations that they have struggled in their lifetime and express their certain issues that each family member is facing Science Direct, (Dennis C. Daley) says that lack of communication causes tension and conflict related issues among family members. I believe family members don’t know how to communicate with each other due to the fact because of the way they were raised and the environment they grew up in if you grew up in an environment that was very combative then you’ll carry that same trait when you communicate to others. This also helps family members break down the wall of communication where family members won’t feel sheltered and scared to share their thoughts and feelings.

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Family members should use family therapy as a reconnection tool to reconnect establishing balance with family members and reestablishing the trust that’s been broken. Family members research information about family therapy before attending. According to the Chicago Tribune, (Beth Aileen Lameman) family members should look for a therapist that’s qualified to handle the job. This therapist should be able to ask the hard question and get down to the point of the problem. Also, if you’re going to do counseling, there needs to be a commitment to doing the therapy session each family member need to be committed to each session. Why is it that some family members don’t want to commit to family therapy? One reason People don’t attend therapy is because some might feel that like they aren’t the cause of the main issue some might also feel they don’t have any issue that they need to work on. I don’t agree with that because, therapy isn’t just for fixing issues in a person’s life there are other things that a person can get out of family therapy. For example, if you are a person that suffers from low self-esteem issues and you have felt like this your whole entire life there are tips and exercises that you can get out of therapy that can help. Nobody has a perfect life there is always something that can be fixed, but it’s up to that person if they are willing to make it. Children that come from families that don’t suffer from substance abuse families. tend to look at their parents as their protection kind of like a protective shield. because they have established a bond of trust and whenever they are in trouble the parent comes in and takes care of the problem.

I agree that parents should come to their children’s aid whenever they are faced with struggles because it’s their responsibility as a parent. Why can’t other family have the same compassion for them instead of rejecting them. Also, people that suffer from substance abuse feel isolated from family members. This makes family members feel guilty and embarrassed to be associated with them because they fell their image is being tainted, it’s also looked as family shame. Family members will attempt to take legal action such as putting out a restraining order to protect themselves. I agree and disagree with that yes, you should protect yourself from danger, but matters like that should only be handled if they are causing harm to you and your family there should be some form of sympathy and compassion for your family member and the issues that they face with substance abuse. Family members need to be more educated on substance abuse and why is it such an issue. Some family members should think about going to seminars on substance abuse some should take classes also talk to people that have dealt with substance abuse and ask questions like Can I handle this? Should I get involved? Family members need to have an open mind with dealing with substance abuse. The journey is not going to be easy but it’s going to be a journey filled with trials and tribulations that will prepare family members for therapy. There have been studies that substance abuse patients that have complete the process adults vs. younger adults. Older adults are more mature, they have been through a lot more and they are more motivated to get help and change their lifestyle. Younger adults their mindset is different than adults, they haven’t been through a lot of what adults have been through as much as older adults. Younger adults aren’t on a higher maturity level than older adult.

They also have a hard time with motivating themselves to get clean and seek treatment for substance abuse. Substance abuse is more common in the Mexican culture and the African American culture because most of them come from lower socioeconomic communities. When they go into rehabilitation facilities, they are more likely to come out and relapse back to their old habits. I think when you come out of rehab for substance abuse you need to find a new environment and adapt to it, so you want fall back into old habits. Family members have a hard time interacting with other family members that suffer from substance abuse. One of the biggest issues is negativity. For example, my brother suffers from cocaine addiction and he has done several things to break our families trust I can have a conversation with him and not bring up his cocaine addiction. But if my dad says anything to him it’s always a negative tone when he speaks to him and that is a sign of family relationship being broken. Family members need to learn how to talk to each other instead of tearing them down I think that’s one of the biggest things’ family need to work on stop being negative and approach a person with a positive tone.

Parents that have children that have been on substance abuse never set boundaries for them when they were your younger, so they never got that family structure where they don’t know right from wrong, so they are more prone to doing crime parents need to set boundaries for their children. Without parental guidance, they won’t know their limits on what they can and cannot do this also can be very confusing for them as well. Should parents be more involved in their children’s? Yes, I believe parents need to be more engaged in their life I feel like parents make excuses for their children they should always need to be aware of what they are doing. themselves with substance abuse. Family therapy shouldn’t be just for, but your family. Can you find ways to cope with substance abuse? Yes, there are strategies that parents can do. One strategy is use coping skills to deal with substance abuse. One thing family members could try doing is sit down and talk with family members and try to connect with them, so they can express their feelings. There are a lot of changes that family members need to make in order to support other family members that are dealing with substance abuse they need to come together as a whole and spread awareness to help other families that are suffering from substance abuse problems. This will allow family members to connect with other families they can share stories and support each other through substance abuse situations. Finally, people that go through substance abuse therapy have a hard time adjusting to rehab therapy they need to have a support group that can help through the therapy process.

I believe that that family members can be that strong unit that can support them. Parents and other family members need to do more research about substance abuse I feel like once they do more research then they will want to be more involved this would make family relationships even stronger and substance abuse patients won’t feel so isolated. Lastly, after doing research on substance abuse there is a small amount of information that helps with substance abuse patients. I feel that this research needs more facts and information some of the other resources that deals with substance abuse and family relationships they all have the same thing in common they give details but it’s not enough details so support the research. I feel that having more information will give more resources to family members that want to learn more about substance abuse.

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