Steve Jobs the Great Inventor

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Updated: Apr 16, 2021
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Steve Jobs the Great Inventor essay

Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco, California on 24th of February 1955. Steve was given up for adoption by his biological parents as an unnamed infant. Steve was adopted quickly by Clara Jobs and Paul Jobs; Mrs. Clara Jobs was an accountant and Mr. Paul Jobs worked as a machinist and was also a Cost Gard veteran. Mr. And Mrs. Jobs named the infant they adopted Steven Paul Jobs. Together Steve and his new parents lived in Mountain View, California though in later years the within this area would be called Silicon Valley with his new parents. Mr. Jobs being a machinist would take Steve into the garage where they worked on electronics. Jobs showed Steve how to take apart and put back together the electronics. This became a hobby that helped built courage and mechanical dexterity and perseverance in Steve Jobs as a kid. However, though Steve was a very bright kid being creative and smart Steve was a huge prankster in his elementary years because he was bored. Teachers had to bribe him to study, Steve did so well on tests that people at his school wanted him to skip to high school, this offer was declined by his parents.

As a young adult having just graduated from high school Steve enrolled in Reed College in Portland, Oregon however not knowing what to do dropped out only 6 months in then for the remaining 18 months dropped in on creative classes in the school. From doing these classes Steve found his love for Typography. A while later in 1974 Steve got a stop as a video game designer for Atari. A few months later Steve left Atari to travel to India and further places exploring psychedelic medicine. Though Steve didn’t know back then but during his time spent at Homestead High School he met Steve Wozniak his future partner and the co-founder of Apple Computers. When Steve was 21, he and Wozniak started Apple computer where it all started for Steve the Jobs garage. Steve and Wozniak sold Steve’s Volkswagen bus and Wozniak scientific calculator to fund the entrepreneurial ship of Apple computer. After the Apple company had some successes. Steve left the company in 1985 to the hands of John Sculley who joined Apple in 1980 he was a marketing expert hired to take over as CEO and thought that Steve was hurting Apple more than helping and he also didn’t have an official title there anymore. Steve went on to Pixar in 1986 which he bought from George Lucas Steve invested 50million dollars of his own money to get the company started. The company went on to make movies such as The Incredibles, The Toy Story series and Finding Nemo these movies collected 4 billion netted together. In 2006 Steve merged the studio with Walt Disney putting himself in the spot of largest shareholder for Disney. After Steve left Apple in 1985 he went on to begin the enterprise NeXT a new software and hardware company. NeXT however didn’t do so well and ended up being bought by Apple for 429 million dollars. By 1997 Steve had returned to his original post in Apple as CEO and returned Apples successes during the 1990s.

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Steve’s big break was when he came back to Apple and restored it to its former glory, he got a new management team changed the stock options and enforced an annual salary many say that Steve put Apple back on track. Steve made amazing products like the iMac with eye catching designs along with good branding campaigns. During the next few years Steve created many more of these perfect devices and set the bar for the advancement in technology. Apple was the leader in the electronic industry and when they came out with a new device all their competitors raced to make comparable things. The data that Apple keeps quarterly improved greatly in 2007 stocks were up to 199.99 a share breaking the record as they have many. Apple also now had a huge profit a whopping 1.58 billion to be exact with no debt at all. Also, by 2008 Apple was the second-biggest music seller in the U.S. they came in second only to Walmart. All the work put into Apple payed off though as they have been ranked number one on 500 companies for returns to shareholders and Fortune magazine’s “America’s Most Admired Companies”. However, in 2003 Steve got a neuroendocrine tumor a rarely seen but operable shape of pancreatic cancer, Steve though chose not to go straight to surgery but to change his diet while thinking about Eastern treatments. The surgery got put off 9 months making Steves co-workers on the board of directors nervous as they believed that is word got out Steve was ill people would pull their stocks. By 2004 Steve had gone through a successful surgery. In 2009 however, Steves health problems had returned this included a liver transplant and hormone imbalance, a few days later Steve took a 6-month absence leave and through email explaining that health issues were more complicated than they thought, and that Tim Cook was in charge of day-today on goings. While all of this was going on though Steve kept on going as evident in the start of the paragraph.

Steve grew his successes with Apple from and garage experiment to one of the most popular computer and smart phone companies out there in the U.S. this all happened because he never gave up no matter what happened or how many times he failed Steve would make another until it was right. I mean for god sake people the guy got cancer put the surgery off for 9 months while continuing with the companies and then after the operation went right back at it. Then even when health problems returned to Steve in 2009, he kept going until he had to take a break and again went back to Apple until he finally in 2011 handed the company over to Cook in August and then in October died. While Steve was alive, he created iMac’s, iPhones, iPods (touch/ Nano), iPads.

Steve through all his year was a very gracious member of society always motivated to raise the bar and was extremely intelligent. From a young age Steve was always the inventor and this led to much success in his life. Through all his successes Steve gave back to society by making things that were and still are considered some of the best technology that the average person and afforded and own. Also, I think that many people saw Steve as a role model and a very good one at that Steve had a very good drive to succeed and look where it got him, I mean we all know what Apple is and for people to know a company that well it either has to be really good or a complete disaster which in this case it is the former.

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