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This is going to be an article about your jewels, no joke. Here I will present some of the greatest risks and illnesses that may happen to you and how to protect yourself from them. During an ordinary day, we put our phone in our pocket and it stays there for hours, this being unhealthy for us. But we do not realize this until it’s too late, that’s why some very smart people have designed one of the most helpful techs, Spartan Boxers.

Spartan boxers are a tech designed to block the radiation emitted by the laptop, tablet, phone or any other electronic device that we keep close to us. These radiations are very dangerous, over the past few years, more than 50% of young children have been diagnosed with testicular cancer. No one would want to be diagnosed with something like this, but it happens very often, one of the best solutions to keep us out of this disease is Spartan boxers. These boxers are specially created for the health of our testicles.

There’s nothing more pleasant than dressing up with a pair of Spartan boxers and being able to use your phone, tablet or laptop safely, without being afraid of the emitted radiations from these techs, the radiations would no longer affect you if you wore these boxers. These boxers are made of a cotton wool with 35 percent silver threading, soft, intelligent and will get rid of any bacteria.

Today, thousands of people choose Spartan Boxers to feel safer, these boxers guarantee that the radiation will not affect the amount of sperm in your testicles, they will protect you from any radiation, even from WiFi. Spartan boxers creators want to help the population through these underwear, they want no one’s fertility to be affected as it has been so far.

Personally, if I knew it was so dangerous to keep my phone in my pocket every time I was out, I’d have chosen for a long time to wear these Spartan boxers. The radiation emitted by the phone is serious and we should not ignore it, this pair of boxers could save us from many diseases.

The material used to create these boxers behaves like a protective electromagnetic shield. Besides being soft, comfortable, seamless and free of odor, they can also be found in a wide range of colors. In order not to get bored of the blue, the Spartan company worked on these boxers to be diversified. Besides blue, boxers can be found in: Gray, red, black, white and green. If you do not find your favorite color in this list, do not be afraid! The “Spartans” are waiting for you to propose a new color. They have one goal, to overcome the comfort and safety of any other company of boxers.

This project was launched on February 7, 2017, the project had a lot of bakers, they successfully raised ?‚¬ 22,358 with 183 backers. Until July 25, 2017, they have started shipping these boxers to everyone. They are delivering the Spartan boxers from France, they have announced that the boxers will have a short delivery delay because of some missing papers, the underwear has been stuck in the Customs but they have managed to send them to everyone.

Online reviews

The bakers were the ones who were a little unsatisfied because of the deliveries, they were expecting this pair of boxers, but due to missing papers they had to wait longer, but the “Spartans” solved all the problems and now everyone is happy. I made a search and in order to see what those who bought these underwear directly have to say about it, they are fully satisfied with the Spartan Boxers, they even want a wider range of colors because they have them all.


As I have seen, everyone is happy with these boxers, I will probably buy a pair for myself, the quality and the benefits of this tech can not be ignored. The price of these boxers is $45, a pack of 3 boxers costs $125, a pack of 5 boxers costs $198 and a pack of 10 boxers costs $342. The prices are very advantageous considering how ingenious these creations are.

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