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“Smoke weed everyday” is a popular term used by snoop dog. But, how would someone be affected if they did smoke weed everyday? This in itself is a very complicated question, as it is very hard to know exactly what happens and specifically why it happens. It is hard to know how the chemicals in weed affect your brain chemicals and your body, as it is illegal federally and has been for a long time. This means that research on weed is still in its infancy, so it is important to take it with a grain of salt. Some studies may be skewed towards pro legalization, so it may have some bias.

Others may be skewed towards pro legalization, so the effects may be dramatized. This is often the case, so it means you have to be skeptical when researching marijuana and you have to rely on trusted sources. If you want to research weed for yourself, all my sources will be linked. Or, you can look them up yourself, and a trusted news sources is Harvard Health Publishing for example.

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One weed affects your mind is harming your vocabulary. From a story by (I am very skeptical as it looks as if they skewed numbers, such as stating percents of people who tried weed 14 and older. A lot of high school students don’t smoke util their older,, it would be more accurate if it would’ve been 18 and older) In the article, it follows a man named Stuart Angel. Mr. Angel claims that he smoked everyday for five years, when he woke up, sometimes during a lunch break, and after work/before bed.

In this article, he states that he was hard pressed to even form sentences, stating “I would sit there for a minute or two thinking of how to put a sentence together. My mind went to mush.” This clearly shows how weed harms your vocabulary and speech skills as he would need a minute or more just to form an intellectual sentence. Not only does this make the person in question look dumb, but it also has far reaching negative impacts. Imagine going into a job interview, and a question you did not anticipate was asked. Either you can quickly respond and not think out a plan, which again would look dumb an unorganized sentence, or you can sit there for a minute or two in your interview trying to think of what to say.

Both scenarios would have a large impact on whether or not you are able to get the job. Not only this, but the stakes increase as life progresses. When your younger, doing this at a low paying job where intelligence is not valued or needed, such as KFC, would likely not be that problematic. But, if you are interviewing for a position to be a lawyer or an intern you would certainly not get the job. This continues to get worse as now the person who can’t put sentences together quick enough, such as Mr. Angel, would now be stuck working at KFC for the rest of his life(sorry KFC your food is ok but working there for the rest of your life would undoubtedly suck).

The next decidedly worst thing about smoking weed everyday is how it affects your short term memory. I will be using Mr. Angel as an example again, as there is not enough un-biased trustable research or documentation as of yet. In mr. Angels case, he stated the effects as such, “Even when I was smoking, my long term memory was great… but by short term memory has really suffered. When I was smoking, I would say something, and then get distracted. I couldn’t focus when i smoked, not even for ten minutes. Now I can focus for much longer periods of time.

From when I started smoking until now I struggle to remember particular details. I don’t remember small details or the circumstances, I just remember the action. I need a photo to jog my memory of certain events, like things my son did, which is really sad.” It is really sad, really really sad and I can really feel for what he says. Imagine if you could not remember your own son when he was an infant. That must be truly heartbreaking. This is one of the main reasons mr. Angel has stopped smoking weed FYI, as his son is four now.

I connect this statement with my own life, as family to me is very important. Imagine not being able to remember memorable years of your life with people you love. Hey, blau blau blau you remember this fun awesome time? No, oh here’s a photo of you doing something with us which we all enjoyed greatly but you can only look at this picture of us doing it. That must feel really bad, and it must feel weird looking at something you did but have zero recollection of it happening besides you know faintly that it did.

Now that we got the morbide side effects out of the way, are there any benefit? Depends on the person. It is really hard to judge as again there is almost zero evidence, besides recent studies which in a few years may be overturned. But, the most obvious is that it would greatly increase a person happiness. This is just a simple fact. Going to great adventures with your friends?

Smoke a blunt. This would obviously increase your happiness(If you like rides) as your dopamine levels would be raised even before you get to the place you already like and therefore raise dopamine levels. Not only this, but I seriously think that you would be hard pressed to find someone who would hate the idea of smoking weed before thanksgiving dinner. In my mind, the only person I can think of is if they cannot afford food, have no family, or hate their family. Now, this is not to say that smoking weed everyday is good. Every now and then, it is a proven fact that it is perfectly fine and is actually helpful.

As a quick search on the internet will show you, smoking weed every so often increases overall life quality. It lowers stress in people, allowing you to unwind from a stressful week and have a relaxing experiences. Mild use also results in lower blood pressure, so at this point it is basically a spa(great idea, probably already made by some colorodian hippy). This again is not to say that smoking weed everyday is good, as some people who smoke weed everyday may find tha their blood pressure increases, while mild use almost always decreases it. There is no evidence to back this up, as we do not know how cannabinoids interact with our cardiovascular system yet.

Because of all these side effects of smoking weed everyday, it may also cause your relationships with your family to be strained. Mr Angel for example stopped smoking weed because it was putting strain on his relationship with his son, as he felt he was missing out as he missed key details in his life due to his very poor short memory. He also felt he could not be a good role model for his son, and he wanted to be someone who influenced his son positively and someone his son looked up to. I can’t imagine that most parents, grandparents, etc would be happy with whoever in their family smoking everyday. Especially after a few years, once the side effects start. Imagine what the result would be of Mr. Angel eating thanksgiving dinner with his family and barely talking because he has trouble formulating sentences.

In conclusion, smoking weed everyday has irrefutable negative effects. But, it is also undeniable that mild use of marijuana does have positive side effects. It can reduce stress, blood pressure, and raise a person’s happiness. I didn’t go into legalization in this essay, but I do think it should be legalized.

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