Short Personal Story

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Updated: Jul 21, 2021
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Short Personal Story essay

“Dear Donna,

I grew up during a time when a woman’s role was either in the kitchen or having a baby. Women had rights, but we weren’t fully equal to men in the eyes of the law. I couldn’t even get a credit card unless I was married or my husband cosigned.. I wasn’t allowed to go to an Ivy school or go on birth control. Even though, we had the right to vote women were far from equality. We couldn’t serve on a jury. Donna I want you to think about how biased a group of men on a jury is. You need perspectives from everyone.

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Worst of all we didn’t have equality at work. We earned 69 ceman’sto a mans dollar. It’s hard not to be dependent on a man when you can’t make as much as him. Nobody took the 1964 civil rights act seriously. It was made to make it illegal to discriminate because of race or gender. They fired women when they got pregnant because it was legal to do that back then. Donna I hope you live in a world that doesn’t discriminate against you because of your gender. It wasn’t until 1977 that workplace sexual assault was illegal.

All the conditions made it hard for women to get a job and keep it. You were seen as less than if you didn’t marry or have kids. Peoples perspective during the 1960s was very close-minded. Rape was legal during the time a grew up. if your husband raped you it was completely legal. As bad as this sounds things started to get better for women around this time. All the problems I told you about are now illegal. It makes me so happy that I know my granddaughter lives in a world that’s better. In the seventies, women started demanding change. We were angry. We didn’t like being controlled. So we spoke up and made sure we were heard.

Donna it worked we were heard they fixed the sexist laws. Feminism was huge it went mainstream. Now I believe men and women are equal by law but women still face discrimination outside of the law. Some men still treat women as less than. I hope that changes I hope you don’t have to live in a world and feel like you’re worth less than a man. You’re not. Feminism has come a long way and helped us women so much.”

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