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Personal assessment is one of the key elements that ensure people are making improvements in all dimensions of life which includes but not limited to being focused in life, manage life challenges, balance work and family activities, as well as produce good results at work place. Companies generating such tests is one step that would ensure that they have a deeper understanding of the weaknesses, strengths as well as threats that the staff show while in working.

Discussed below is Jung personality test that include typology tests, emotional intelligence test, communications skills, self-esteem, leader test and the leadership style. Management of people and resources in an organization only comes when the individuals concerned possess the leader skills. The leader skills help the managers or leaders lead other people in a working organization in an effective manner through acting as an example that can be followed by the rest of the people, by giving instructions, ensuring that instructions given are followed and ensure successful step by step handling of project to completion up to the full stage.

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The weak leader skills make people not to want to relate closely. In case of departmental or personal challenges, the members of staff cannot inform the relevant authority may be for fear of being reprimanded, not being taken seriously or their grievances ignored. The poor thinking capability the less feeling capability and poor perception makes it hard for anyone to sense of future challenges and know how to avoid them.

A strategic leader-follower relationship ensures that the leader set the pace for the members who are handling a project, the leader offer guidance to and provide solutions to any challenges experienced. Further, the leader is in the front line to ensure that every single step of the project has been handled in accordance to the plans made prior to starting of the project. Further, the leader motives every person participating in that project.

Communications skills is one of the weaknesses that Jung experiences. Despite the fact that he is capable of communication, he still face some challenges. It would be critical if he would take time in considering effective ways in sending messages. When there is poor communication, it means that communications such as lack of clear message that is straight to the point is not used, there is a noise in sending message, poor medium of communications, pre-conceived judgments and other elements bring about issues of poor communications. Pre-conceived judgment brings communications barriers thus killing the inter-relationship.

Weak diplomatic skills, tyrant style of leaderships A tyrant leader does not motivate the members of a project, instead, he The first practical recommendation in improving weak skills is listening, thinking, avoiding barriers for instance pre-conceived judgment and using the best channel for communications which will help improve the level of communications with the other working staffs. The second practical recommendations to improve weak skills will be to read for ways to improve and have high self-esteem, a positive attitude towards every member of the working organization sets a good pace for dealing with all the challenges.

Constantly reading books that offer guidance to skills improvement, seeing a counsellor and doing assessment of your skills are practical approaches that would improve weak skills. When people relate poorly with other workmates, it become difficult to establish a working relationship. It would be very easy to not consult a department in the line of production when you have poor communication skills.

A wrong message about chain of production within the organizations, wrong instructions in placing an order about orders placed by a customer, delivery of products, poor memos about communication of an important event that regards to a firm may all be missed by other members of the working organization. This can result to a very high crises that will lead to less production, poor quality of production and delivery of services, weak marketing strategies which will eventually lead to lose of competitive edge in the market. This may make the company lose trust in you.

Further, the weak skills makes it difficult for people to effectively solve conflicts. If people are not able to look into the personal weaknesses and improvement of skills they have, they will definitely get into constant fighting with both their juniors and seniors. Lack of means to solve problems eventually welcomes a feeling of low self-esteem. Poor performance at work is one way someone’s future gets affected. Constantly trying to manage conflicts or being ignorant due to bad attitude results to falling out with people. Poor relationship may even result to resigning or being fired from work.

In conclusion, judging, emotional intelligence, communications skills, self-esteem and leadership style are all important aspects of personal skills that help people to grow and offer best leadership skills. Reading books, seeing counsellors and self-assessment helps in improving the weaknesses. A good leader leads by example, never commands and sets the pace for the rest of the people.

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