Same Sex Couple – Everyone has the Civil Right to Marry

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Updated: Jun 16, 2021
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“Everyone has the civil right to marry whoever they choose or choose them to marry. No law should prevent them from doing so even if their significant other is of the same sex. Back in the day, people of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) were discriminated against for being attracted to their same sex or desire to be the other gender by changing their features. Whatsoever, people of LGBTQ should have the right just as any others do. Same-sex marriage has their pros and cons, however, same-sex marriage should be allowed regardless because it promotes equality, increase rate in adoption which help provide a stable family, and it boost up the economy.

Many LGBTQ couples who are not yet married do not have the same benefits that a opposite-sex married couple would have, therefore, is treated unfairly. For instance, Joint Property Rights, which is any property held in the name of two or more parties states, “ If a couple or more buys a house, the property would be owned by the person who acquired it, but for LGBTQ couples, if their significant partner would have passed away, the other would not be able to inherit anything” (FindLaw). This means if a LGBTQ couple who is not married and one of them had got sick, the other would not be able to visit the person in the hospital. This is not fair to the people in the LGBTQ communities. According to Findlaw, “Typically, legal marriage is the most reliable way to become a citizen in the U.S. While even legally married same-sex couples did not have this access to citizenship under the Defense of Marriage Act” (Same sex). This means people of the same sex cannot be granted citizenship due to their desire to be with of the same sex. They should not be treated differently when they have to go through the same process as a opposite-sex couples did when buying a house and the fact that they only wants to be as equal as couples who are not non-LGBTQ.

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In most states that had legalized same-sex marriage there was a boost to the economy. An author of Huffpost in an article states, “Gay marriage had contributed $259 million to the city’s economy” (Jillian Berman). This means that same sex marriage boost up the economy in a great numbers because LGBTQ were able to get married. Some states although would not let same sex couple get marriage happen which are usually are the ones with low economy. By just legalizing same sex marriage, those states could boost up the economy in great number. Just imagine how much gay marriage could have helped every states. There was a study that was done by University of California, Los Angeles that in five years after Massachusetts legalized same-sex marriage, “same-sex wedding expenditures added $111 million to the state’s economy” (UCLA). This here is proof that legalizing same-sex marriage would be beneficial to the economy. Legalizing gay marriage is both a win for the economy and same sex couples. The economy increase and same sex couple gets to love their partner and get merry traditionally. Not only that, but same-sex couples increase the rate of adoption due to them not being able to procreate.

Many believe that children should be raised by both a mother and a father, but many others believe that it does not matter when parenting. Statistic shows that, “an estimated two million LGBTQ people who are interested in adopting” (Lifelong Adoption). This means there would be an increased rate in adoption if there were more married same-sex couple. Every child needs a home and the need to feel loved. If gay couples can provide that for them, then that all that matters regardless of how the couple marriages are like. According to Daphne Lofquist an author states, “The reason why same-sex should be legal is, 13% of same-sex parents have adopted a child, compared to just 3% of opposite-sex parent” (Same Sex). Same-sex couples are willing to adopt kids who needs home which many kids in the foster care desire. Many adopted children do not care whether their parent share the same sex or opposite sex as long as they are provided with care. Any couple’s regardless of marriage status should be allowed to adopt if they want because there are extremely many kids in there who just wants to feel love from loving parents.

The other side of the argument believes that it is against the religion which causes them to not wish for same-sex marriage to be legal. However, what they fail to realize is that they are also sining by being unfairly to someone else such as same-sex couples. A few words in the bible state, “Thou shalt not convey thy neighbors” (Holy Bible). This means people should love their neighbor instead of being unfair to them. The other side of the argument playing the religion card does not really work because they are just sinning as much as sex-sex couple by a being utterly bully and treating them less. Another reason what the other side of the argument fail to realize is that, most of these LGBTQ are their children who they no longer wants to own anymore due to their sex status. According to the bible again, “Hate must be sincere, hate is what is evil” (Holy Bible). This means parents who are religious and disown their kids are literally sinning without realizing. Yes people of LBGTQ are sinning but it’s their life and they can do whatever they want or love whoever. Just because the bible says that it’s a sin does not mean they deserve hate only.

This research paper overall states how legalization can positively affect many part of the states. Effects such as “promoting equality”, “ increase rate in adoption”, and “help provide a stable family”. Many benefits come from legalizing gay marriage not only to the gay communities but also to the economy as well. We as a society need for stop judging LGBTQ for being who they are. We shouldn’t stop them for loving who they want or what gender they want to be. Legalizing same-sex marriage could have a great amount of significance if everyone would stop discriminating against LGBTQ. After all, loves always wins against hate.”

Same Sex Couple – Everyone has the Civil Right to Marry essay

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