Review of between the World and me

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The book between the world and me the author, Ta-nehisi explained, different people from a different culture living in the same country but not treated everyone the same way as white people treated in the united states which means Racism. As we discussed with our group that, Abraham Lincoln in 1863 declared the United States would have a government of the people but without including the African American race. (PG06) The author, Ta-nehisi explains in the between world and me when I started to read the book, the first question I had what is the meaning of racism? As I think about racism is describes and understanding about racial beliefs that appeared in a long time back was in world war II.

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Also, racism explains as social opinions that can help the state of a given culture, Including the language and traditions of that culture, which are greater to other culture. (PG07)

Also, the main important part I thought is the meaning of black people’s feeling is coming from the quote “The spirit and soul are the body and brain”. So, the statement he has given explains that give the important to the person’s soul. Give a respect because you cannot be judged a people by looking at their racism or where they came from. Every person has the same equal right to live their life. “I’m not a racist “. (PG 97) If you ask anyone that are you a racist? Most of the people say no because some of them don’t know the real meaning of the racism. Before the civil war or a few years back the way was the racism in this country, still, have racism in present but not the same way as before especially the education system. Before everyone was not given or treated in the same way as white people does but in present time I feel like every student’s getting the same equal right as white people.

Every person has dream or goal to achieve in their life and this chapter also talked about African American’s had their dreams too, but since everyone was not treated by the same way they thought they can’t be done in future what they want to be. The American dream many African American’s turned to a life of crime rather than receiving an education to work towards the dream. The quote “The Boy with small eyes reached into his ski jacket and pulled out a gun.” (PG 18-19) They thought their children were not getting the same schooling as white people were given or white children have more opportunity and respect for achieving their dream. These differentiate impact their dreams and their own future life.

Coates also explain about black people’s presence in the united states is hunted by a legacy of slavery and Jim crow, (PG 97) and the violence of the present reality. However, also mentioned the fact that no matter how much high professional success or high their achievement they gain but no black people are safe from the violence. The problem is racial police violence because Coates also explained the problem of self-defense or racial justice. (PG95)

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